Field of expertise

Energy Efficiency & Demand

The whole world is moving towards decarbonisation, with challenging global targets to 2050. One of the most effective ways to reach those is to improve energy efficiency, I.e. to obtain the same or even higher level of service, while using better technology enabling a lower energy consumption. To measure this and gauge the effectiveness of policies, energy demand trends need to be thoroughly monitored (by country, by sector, by end-use, by industrial branch), as well as their drivers, and key indicators such as intensities, energy savings rate and energy efficiency rates.

Enerdata has supported the European Commission and European Union by developing tools to better define and monitor energy efficiency policies, benchmark results, and share the best practices – a full process implemented to achieve ambitious results.

Our recognised expertise has been deployed and further enriched through various projects all over the world (Latin America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and more) with a deep understanding of historic trends and present drivers needed to assess future scenarios.

This know-how is accessible to our partners and customers through different offers and services:  


Energy & CO2 Data


Energy Modelling & Forecasting

  • Forecasting Models: POLES,  MedPro,  EnerNEO, AERO, Carbon Market Tool (CMT), EVALUATE, Econometric model


Two core teams:

  • EE&D with senior experts, project managers and consultants
  • Long-term partnership with ADEME, the Fraunhofer Institute and many others



  • Global Energy Trends - 2022 Edition : An in-depth analysis of 2021 key figures, with projections related to the current context (post-pandemic rebound and energy crisis due to the war in Ukraine).