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Odyssee: Energy Efficiency Database

European Energy Efficiency and Demand Database


Exclusive data on demand

  • by end use
  • by industrial branch

For nearly two decades, Enerdata has been the technical coordinator of the Odyssee Project, aimed at benchmarking the energy efficiency performance of EU member countries.

Odyssee provides unique energy efficiency indicators as well as detailed energy consumption data by end use through the industry, residential, transport and services sectors, as well as underlying drivers. Whether you are a policy maker, a researcher, an investor, or a banker, find the way to the greenest usages, sectors and industrial branches across countries.

What is the energy consumption by end-uses (space heating, lighting, electricity appliances, etc.) of households in a given country? What is the vehicle stock? What are the energy savings of a specific sector?

Why Subscribe?

  • Exclusive database
  • Premium data from governmental agencies
  • Unique energy efficiency indicators
  • Regular updates
  • Provides a wealth of information readily available
  • Consistent data for easy benchmark
  • No ruptured time series for easier modelling work
  • Query savings to regularly fuel your model and analysis


Key Features


  • Online access
  • Advanced data request and analysis interface
  • Unlimited exports to Excel
  • Data export in .csv format to integrate your own databases and models
  • Numerous indicators for energy efficiency and CO2
  • Continuous updates with the latest data
  • Annual time series
  • Detailed energy consumption data by sector and end-use
  • COemissions (direct and indirect)
  • 27 EU countries + Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and United Kingdom
  • Service available in both English and French



ODEX Methodology



A top-down approach to capture energy savings in Europe

  • The Odyssee Project has developed an index to measure energy efficiency progress by country and sector as well as for all final consumers
  • ODEX by sector combines unit consumption indicators by sub-sector (or end-use or mode of transport), into one index for the sector by weighing each sub-sector index by its share in the sector’s energy consumption
  • Unit consumption index by sub-sector can use different physical units to be as close as possible to energy efficiency evaluation: toe/m2, kWh/appliance, toe/ton, litre/100 km
  • ODEX is presently calculated on the basis of 26 sub-sectors (seven modes in transport, nine end-uses/equipment for households, and 10 branches in industry)
  • ODEX can also be expressed in terms of volume of energy saving


Odyssee interactive interface

Interface Odyssee

Transport: Total road transport and vehicle stock in three European countries (2010-2019)

Transport data preview Odyssee

Households: Unit consumption of space heating and water heating per dwelling (2010-2019)

Household data Odyssee

Gross Inland consumption in the EU – 2019

Macro data preview Odyssee

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