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Key Energy Intelligence saves you time and curates the latest news from reliable sources in energy markets, policies and regulations, infrastructures, companies and other categories.

Our analysts sort through the continuous and overwhelming flow of energy information and bring you the essentials.

  • Our service covers oil, gas, coal/lignite and CO2 emissions developments in 110 countries.
  • All articles are reviewed by our analysts, who give you the best quality coverage of the energy world.

Available through a 12-month subscription.


  • Daily curation of the best quality energy articles on a wide range of topics:
    • policies and regulations
    • companies
    • infrastructure
    • energy markets
    • supply
    • contracts
    • mergers and acquisitions
    • forecasts
    • technology and innovation
    • taxation
    • prices and more.
  • News carefully selected and reviewed by Enerdata analysts.
  • Powerful and fast search function:
    • Filter energy news results by region/country or topic;
    • Save searches to easily repeat later, or save articles to your personal archive.
  • Customizable email alerts by frequency and topic.
  • RSS feed.

Key Energy Intelligence also includes archives dating back to 2008, allowing you to easily find historical articles, analyses and newsfeeds.


  • Save time by letting our energy analysts filter essential news from noise.
    • Get actionable news in your inbox daily.
  • Sources are professionally checked and curated.
  • Use our powerful search function to get your questions answered instantly, with only relevant news and independent analyses.
  • Follow our provided source links for each article to read additional news.
  • Research historic news in our archives.

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