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Webinar - Modelling tools: How to quantify your energy - climate pathways?

31 Jan 2023

Case-study on African countries conciliating development and energy transition

All entities are facing the complex challenge of development targets while tackling energy and climate challenges. Whether it is to measure the Return on Investment of an energy project, or to quantify the impact of energy and climate policies, companies and governments need reliable and up-to-date long-term projections by energy source, by country, and by sector.

In this webinar, our experts detailed available model types with a particular focus on POLES (Prospective Outlook on Long-term Energy Systems). Then, they dived into a case-study on Africa.

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Quentin BchiniQuentin BCHINI

Energy Modelling Expert


Aurélie PEFFENAurélien PEFFEN

Project Manager



Webinar – Electricity grid flexibility and market design

8 Nov 2022

Comparison of the European & the American systems

The shift to a low-carbon energy mix will require the electrification of our economy, the development of variable renewable energies, and the phase-out of dispatchable thermal power plants. This shift will dramatically impact our electricity grids, thus urging the need to make it more flexible.

An expert and our analysts presented the basics of power market flexibility, and provided you with a detailed comparison of two very different systems: the European and North American ones, and their possible evolution.

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Energy systems flexibility Expert

Corentin BOILLETCorentin BOILLET

Market Analyst


Baptiste POSSEMEBaptiste POSSÉMÉ

Project Manager



Webinar – Forecast to 2030 of green hydrogen production

11 Oct 2022

A bottom-up approach from our experts.

Every contribution to the climate challenge is vital for the future of our society. Green hydrogen, one of the key decarbonisation pillars, will be a great energy vector for the industry sector.

That being said, how will this technology rise in the near future, and how will it be deployed to tackle the climate challenge?

Our Hydrogen experts unveiled the result of their bottom-up study through an exclusive webinar.

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Fabrice POULIN, Clean Tech Unit Manager - Enerdata

Maël GOURET, Hydrogen Analyst - Enerdata

Webinar - Global Energy Trends - 2022 Edition - June 28th

28 Jun 2022

2021 rebound: faster, stronger, harder

After the COVID-19 pandemic recession and the related energy consumption drop in 2020, G20 countries posted a strong economic rebound in 2021 (+6%) due to the catch-up effect. Thus, it brought the energy consumption above the pre-crisis levels, resulting in heightened GHG emissions. Consequently, energy prices surged to reach new records.

Moreover, 2022 started with the Ukraine crisis and its deep impacts on EU energy systems, implying the development of measures to ensure security of supply and less dependency to Russian fossil fuels.

  • What is the post-COVID situation in terms of energy systems, GHG emissions and energy transition?
  • Which countries experienced the highest growth of energy consumption, prices, and emissions?
  • What are the expectations for the EU’s energy transition:
    • A slow-down? Through a switch from gas to coal in power generation and subsidies to oil consumption
    • An acceleration? Through countries strengthening their decarbonisation plans
  • What could be the EU’s energy mix in 2030 and 2050 without Russian supply?




Head of Research & Innovation



Energy and Climate consultant


Quentin BCHINIQuentin BCHINI
Project Manager


Manfred HafnerManfred HAFNER

SciencesPo Paris
School of International Affairs


CONFERENCES: 30 years ago, and 30 years from now - A world of energy revolutions

22 Mar 2022

To celebrate Enerdata’s 30th anniversary, we have prepared an exceptional event. We invited international renowned experts in energy and climate domains to talk about the evolutions since 1990, and the challenges we will face until 2050.

Four online conferences are planned to address different issues within this overall framework. Every Tuesday from noon to 1:30 PM CET, we invite you to partake to these conferences based on short presentations and roundtables animated by questions from the audience.


Discover the programme and the speakers

Webinar: are power generation companies’ actions aligned with the Paris Agreement? February 1st

1 Feb 2022

The largest power generation companies (GenCos) in the world have a tremendous impact on climate change. Indeed, plans to diversify the mix significantly modify the share of carbon-free energy in the final electricity consumption. Those strategies (and implementation) are key levers to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

This said, what actual changes have occurred since 2015 for main players?

  • How does the carbon factor look? Greener or browner?
  • What plans have been carried out to reduce thermal power plant production?
  • Which GenCos are increasing their solar and wind capacities?


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Speaker :

Thierry BADOUARD, Head of Market Research

Thierry Badouard

Maylis CASTELEYN, Energy Analyst at Enerdata

Maylis Casteleyn


Webinar - Fitfor55: how to forecast energy consumption? - December 9th

9 Dec 2021

Case study of the end of thermal cars in the transport sector.

To define investments, territorial planning and energy security, public authorities and private companies need to thoroughly forecast energy demand. In the transport sector alone, there have been some game changers over the last couple of years, for instance:

  • the end of thermal car sales may be brought forward to 2035 in Europe with the fitfor55 legislative package
  • the COVID-19 pandemics drastically shook people’s mobility patterns

During this webinar, we presented our experts’ methodology, leveraging our new EnerMED model:

  • How to model the energy demand?
  • What is the impact of major national strategies on energy consumption?
  • How to take into account these evolutions in the forecasting?

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Florent GauthierFlorent GAUTHIER

Project Manager


Pacco BaillyPacco BAILLY

Energy Analyst




Webinar - Explore world’s hydrogen manufacturers and the industry structure - Nov 24th

24 Nov 2021

Hydrogen is proving to be a major component of the energy transition and is foreseen as one of the pillars for key energy systems’ decarbonisation. Not only it can be produced from renewable energy sources to fuel the transport and the industry sectors, but also it can be used as a power storage solution.

During this webinar, we pictured the hydrogen ecosystem:

  • Which are the categories related to the value-chain of hydrogen production?
  • What are the key statistics and figures to follow?
  • Which players are considered as leaders? To which extent?

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Alice Jacquet - Hydrogen Senior Analyst - Enerdata

Fabrice Poulin - CleanTech unit Manager - Enerdata

Webinar - European energy markets and prices: in the eye of the perfect storm – October 19th

19 Oct 2021

Considering the macroeconomic context and the market drivers (such as policies and fuel supply, among other things), what should be expected in the next few years and in the long-run: will prices stabilise or continue to increase?

During this webinar, we addressed the following topics:

  1. What are the current energy prices, and which market drivers have an impact on price evolution?  
    • We presented our analysis on the market drivers and the resulting recent surge of energy prices. 
  2. Is the rise in power prices temporary or will it last?
    • We checked the short-term energy prices, key risks and uncertainties and the impact on sourcing strategies for the different market participants.
  3. How to be confident about the evolution of prices and thus be able to anticipate budget variations? 
    • We provided long-term price projections based on robust power price forecast tool. 

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Vice President
Compass Lexecon

Nicolas HARYNicolas HARY

Senior Analyst
Compass Lexecon


Head of Research & Innovation



WEBINAR - Global Energy Trends 2021 - June 3rd

3 Jun 2021

Global Energy Trends

The COVID-19 pandemic has drawn a new landscape in the global energy demand with the worldwide economic activity reduction induced by lockdowns. Our experts followed-up and analysed attentively its impact through relevant indicators. We presented you the 2020 results and the future trends and estimates.

During this webinar, the following topics were addressed:

  • The 2020 world energy balance (energy demand, by country and by energy and CO2 emissions),
  • An estimate of 2021 trends,
  • For 2020 and 2021, the distinction between what is related to the health crisis and the results due to structural changes,
  • A perspective on the gaps between observed trends, the announced 2030 targets, long-term visions (Zero Net Emission in 2050) and the Paris Agreement,
  • A list of key points to follow in 2021.






Head of Research & Innovation


Program Director

Richard BARON

Richard BARON
Executive Director

Decarbonisation of the European transport sector - Webinar

13 Apr 2021

To which extent is the transition to less carbon-intensive transport progressing in Europe?

The decarbonisation of transport has been identified as one of the key priorities of net-zero emissions strategies. However, emissions keep growing significantly in that sector. What improvement have been made? What are the drivers and difficulties shaping this transition?

During this webinar, Enerdata experts presented a selection of key indicators related to the four levers of the decarbonisation of transport:

  • Energy efficiency,
  • Fuel substitution,
  • Modal shift,
  • Transport demand.

They also identified best practices among European countries in these four dimensions, relating them to policies and measures implemented at EU and country level.

Speakers of this decarbonisation of the European transport sector webinar :

  • Bruno Lapillonne, Enerdata’s scientific director, Energy efficiency and demand expert
  • Ariane Bousquet, Energy efficiency analyst at Enerdata

Ariane BousquetBruno Lapillonne


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Energy Efficiency Trends in Transport Webinar

30 Mar 2021

The 12th webinar in the Odyssee-Mure Academy on Energy Efficiency took place on 30 March 2021.

"The energy transition in transport is lagging far behind other sectors. However, some countries are performing better than others".

After 6 years of regular decrease, the energy consumption of transport in the EU has been rising again since 2013, at the same rate as before the financial crisis. It has become the most energy consuming end-use sector, responsible for 31% of the final energy consumption in the EU27 in 2019.

During this webinar, our experts presented an evaluation of the energy efficiency trend in the European transport sector since 2000.



Laura Sudries and Bruno Lapillonne from ENERDATA.

Laura SudriesBruno Lapillonne


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Webinar - Impact of EU Emission Reduction Objectives on Power Markets

4 Mar 2021

Following a European Commission proposal last year, EU leaders agreed in December 2020 to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% compared to 1990 levels by 2030. This represents a substantial increase from the earlier target of 40% and was initially met with some resistance by several Member States.

To meet this new objective, the European power sector will need a major overhaul. What impacts will this have on the power markets' evolution, and on prices?

Enerdata and Compass Lexecon have leveraged their European Power Markets Outlook Service for this interactive webinar, which took place on March 4th, 2021.

European power market modelling – Hourly equilibrium

European power market modelling

Highlights of the webinar included:

  • An overview of the latest energy policies
  • Focuses on:
    • The recent evolution of the EU CO2 ETS market (short term)
    • The increased renewables' penetration in the power sector (medium term)
    • The role of electricity in decarbonisation (long term)

An analysis of the latest annual EU countries price projections to 2050.

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Energy & climate challenges: closing 2020 and key 2021 issues - Webinar

17 Dec 2020

As countries gradually revise their NDCs to target more ambitious emissions reductions, Enerdata and Climate Transparency analyse current mitigation trajectories, and how the current Covid-19 pandemic might impact mid- and long-term goals.

Based on the recent Climate Transparency report, fed by a number of Enerdata’s analyses, we summed up 2020 trends and took an in-depth look at 2021 with regard to the upcoming NDC revision and next round of climate negotiations (COP26), and what consequences national recovery plans could have on decarbonisation efforts.


Charlene Watson

Gerd Leipold

Pascal Charriau

Charlene WATSON

Research Associate, Overseas Development Institute

Charlene Watson currently focuses on the complexities associated with channelling and programming climate finance effectively.


Coordinator, Climate Transparency

Dr. Gerd Leipold is an expert on sustainability, public policy and communication, with wide knowledge in global energy and environment issues.


CEO, Enerdata

Pascal Charriau has a strong industrial background on energy issues and a large international experience.

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Energy Efficiency Trends in Buildings Webinar

8 Dec 2020

The 11th webinar of the Odyssee-Mure on Energy Efficiency Academy.

What has been the overall trend in final energy consumption of buildings in the EU since 2010?

What are the main drivers of the energy consumption variation, and in particular energy savings, for residential and service buildings?

These are the key questions answered during this webinar in the Odyssee-Mure on Energy Efficiency Academy.

The speakers presented the outcomes of their research:

  • The energy consumption of buildings has steadily decreased since 2010 despite GDP growth.
  • There are large disparities in building performances across countries.
  • Since 2015, the rate of household energy efficiency improvements has dropped by 50% (compared to 2000-2014).
  • Energy efficiency of large electrical appliances, which has largely improved in the past, does not counterbalance anymore the rapid growth of the consumption of small appliances.

The webinar was followed by a live Q&A session with the speakers.


Marie Rousselot and Bruno Lapillonne from ENERDATA

Marie RousselotBruno Lapillonne



Global Energy Trends, Quarterly Update - Asia Edition Webinar - October 20th

20 Oct 2020

In the end, what will 2020 look like, in the world and in Asia? With the constant evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year has been drastically different from what was expected. At Enerdata, we keep monitoring the global energy markets continuously, and are keen to share our findings leveraging our latest statistics and newest short-term estimates with you.

  • How big is the energy demand rebound after lock downs?
  • Will China record a positive energy consumption growth in 2020?
  • Does the Covid-19 pandemic speed-up coal phase out in G20 countries' power mix?
  • How big is the drop of energy demand in the transport sector?

We have answered these questions and many more in our Global Energy Trends update webinar, Asia Edition, which too place on October 20th.

The webinar featured statistics for all energies and emissions, consolidated electricity data up to end of September 2020,  robust estimates for the rest of the year, with focused analysis for the world and some key countries: China, India, Japan and South Korea.

The analysis was conducted by Thierry Badouard, Head of Research at Enerdata.

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Global Energy Trends, Quarterly Update Webinar - October 12th

12 Oct 2020

In the end, what will 2020 look like? With the constant evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year has been drastically different from what was expected. At Enerdata, we keep monitoring the global energy markets continuously, and are keen to share our findings leveraging our latest statistics and newest short-term estimates with you.

  • How big is the energy demand rebound after lockdowns?
  • Will China record a positive energy consumption growth in 2020?
  • Does the Covid-19 pandemic speed-up coal phase out in G20 countries' power mix?
  • How big is the drop of energy demand in the transport sector?

We have answered these questions and many more in our Global Energy Trends update webinar, which took place on October 12th.

The webinar featured statistics for all energies and emissions, consolidated electricity data up to end of September 2020,  robust estimates for the rest of the year, with focused analysis for some key G20 countries.

The analysis was conducted by Thierry Badouard, Head of Research at Enerdata.

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Energy efficiency trends in the EU: Have we got off track? - Public Webinar

25 Jun 2020

On June 25th, our experts Bruno Lapillonne and Laura Sudries have analysed recent European trends, in the framework of the Odyssee Mure project.

  • What has been the overall trend in final energy consumption and by sector in the EU since 2000?
  • What are the main drivers of the energy consumption variation since 2000, and what has been the impact of energy savings?
  • What are the trends in energy efficiency at the country level?

These are the key questions that were guided through this webinar analysing energy efficiency trends in the EU for the period 2000-2019.

The webinar was followed by a live Q&A session with the panellists.

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Live Webinars: Global Energy Trends, 2020 Edition

4 Jun 2020

In June 4th we hosted a live webinar to present the Enerdata Global Energy Trends, an analysis of consolidated 2019 statistics and indicators (demand, emissions, energy transition), at world level and with a focus on key countries. In view of the current context, we have also assessed the implications of the pandemic (and subsequent macroeconomic upheavals) on energy systems, leveraging estimates and short-term scenarios (2020 and beyond).

  • What can we learn from the 2019 global energy trends?
  • With the health and economic crisis, where are we going in 2020?
  • What can we expect beyond that?

The presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the participants.

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Energy Transition Scenarios in Algeria

13 Feb 2020

As part of its support mission to the Algerian Ministry of Energy, financed by the French development agency (AFD), Enerdata was in Algiers from 10 to 14 February 2020 to present a first version of its energy transition scenarios adapted to the Algerian context.

Our EnerNEO tool, which allows the construction of these long-term energy scenarios, has in this case been tailored in order to better reflect the specificities of the Algerian energy sector. The final version of the model will be delivered at a later point to the Algerian authorities, who will be trained in its use in order to be able to prepare scenarios for 2050.

This week was an opportunity for Patrick Criqui (photo), associate expert of Enerdata, to present to a large audience the first results of these scenarios. These will still need to be subjected to some adjustments, particularly in the light of the government's new action plan, published that same week.

Algeria AFD


GHG emissions simulation workshop with ANME

3 Feb 2020

We organised a workshop on "Simulation of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions in the energy sector in Tunisia up to 2050" with the Tunisian National Agency for Energy Management (ANME) at Enerdata in Grenoble on 3-4 February 2020, with participants from ANME’s Department of Studies and Planning and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Tunisia.

The workshop, which took place in the framework of our cooperation with ANME (see the project's summary here), offered the opportunity to discuss the socio-economic and energy assumptions of the scenarios, and the first results from the simulations.

The mission also included a capacity building component. A session was dedicated to the concepts of final and primary energy intensity and carbon intensity as well as methods for decomposing the effects that explain changes in energy demand and GHG emissions.

Another session, dedicated to modelling and forecasting, addressed the following topics:

  • coupling energy models and macroeconomic models;
  • zero net emission scenarios;
  • the electrification of energy uses in the scenarios; and
  • the role of modelling in carbon pricing.

The next step in the project will be the validation of the scenarios.

 workshop PNUD ANME Grenoble

EDF Sesame International Workshop

23 Jan 2020

Enerdata participated to EDF’s Sesame International Workshop in Paris (La Défense) on 23rd January 2020. The subject of the yearly internal workshop was long-term energy markets and it included presentations from the International Energy Agency and IHS Markit among others, with topics ranging from the impact of political tensions on the prices of energy commodities to the global development potential of offshore wind.
In a first presentation, the EnerFuture scenarios were introduced with key results on the global long-term evolution of energy demand and CO2 emissions. A special focus was put on high decarbonisation pathways with Enerdata’s recent work on carbon-neutral scenarios being presented as well. A second presentation consisted of an analysis of energy transition in emerging Asian countries, in particular the role of the electrification of energy demand and decarbonisation of the electricity supply, including detailed results for three different cases: China, India and Vietnam. 


Electricity generation and carbon content in Asia

Energy Transition Monitoring - Public Webinar 17th December

17 Dec 2019

Enerdata attended the COP 25 in Madrid beginning of December 2019. There was a lot of interest and exchanges on energy transition topics, and to continue the discussion, we organised a webinar on Energy Transition Monitoring (EnerTraM) in emerging markets on 17th December 2019. This live session featured in-house expert analysis on energy transition progress in ten key emerging countries.


  • Introduction to EnerTraM: getting a precise and data/forecast-backed picture at country level
  • The central role of emerging economies in the global energy transition
  • Current trend analysis of key indicators:
    • Energy demand trends (population and GDP growth, electrification, energy intensity…)
    • Energy mix trends (primary energy mix, additional power capacities…)
    • CO2 emissions trends (CO2 emissions per capita, carbon factor…)
  • NDC objectives analysis:
    • Current NDCs: within reach but lacking ambition?
    • New 2020 NDCs:  what should the revised goals be?

Download the publication Download a full EnerTraM sample report Watch the recorded Webinar

Energy Transition Pathways - Public Webinar 4th December

4 Dec 2019

Enerdata organised a webinar on 4th December, 2019. This live session featured in-house analysis by our experts, as part of our work on EnerFuture scenarios and the Energy Transition.
We focused on the various strategic alternatives available to governments and companies, the energy mix options and the role of electricity. We explored the issues surrounding the implementation of the Paris Agreement, then went beyond that perspective and analyse the requirements implied by a zero net emission economy.

  • Introduction to the Enerfuture scenarios
  • The role of electrification in the decarbonisation of the economy
  • Zero net emission: how can it be achieved and is it “the” solution to the climate crisis?

Download the publication Watch the recorded Webinar

The Wind of Energy Transition

29 Nov 2019

Sylvain Cail, Head of Global Energy Forecasting at Enerdata, participated to the Wind of Energy Transition seminar organised by the World Energy Council – Italy. The event took place in Rome on 29th November 2019. Its aim was to enable a multi-stakeholder dialogue between European institutions and companies involved in the wind sector and foster the exchange of experiences and information on national regulations and projects in place and planned for wind parks.

Enerdata contributed to the “Outlook on Global and European Wind Energy” session. Sylvain Cail gave a keynote speech on historical trends and the current situation worldwide for the wind industry, and presented an outlook based on the EnerFuture scenarios. He highlighted the emissions and capacity planning for wind with regard to the NDCs, before diving into the specifics of the French situation.

A few take-aways:

  • Wind energy has seen a practically exponential development for the past 20 and especially the past 10 years. While the fact that it will continue to grow is guaranteed, the pace of that growth however will depend on national policies and the global energy market.
  • The EU is currently the global leader in offshore wind.
  • The wind capacity currently under development or planned should be nearly doubled to make sure the EU’s NDC can be achieved.
  • In France, RES represent 11% (and wind 9%) of primary energy consumption in 2018. According to current energy policy objectives, renewables should make up 32% of final energy consumption by 2030, and carbon neutrality is sought by 2050 leading to further opportunities for wind.

EU Wind Outlook – Planned Capacity vs Climate Ambition

Enerdata at the Electrification Europe Summit 2019

16 Oct 2019

The Electrification Europe 2019 summit organised by EDF took place on 16 and 17 October 2019. Its objective: to provide participants with a space to learn, collaborate and participate in the reflection on electrification solutions to encourage a low-carbon society. Round tables and more technical sessions were organised around four areas of expertise: electric mobility, decarbonising buildings and industry, regulation and finance, and innovation and electrification.

During the "Financing an electrified economy" round table, our president Pascal Charriau presented the historical and future trends in electrification at the global level, whether in industry, transport or construction. The forecasts were based on EnerFuture's EnerBlue and EnerGreen scenarios, respectively on compliance with NDCs or a maximum temperature increase of 2°C at the end of the century. He highlighted the conditions for an acceleration of electrification, in particular the financial levers (taxes, subsidies, debts and obligations...)

Electrification: historical and future trends

Enerdata exhibited at the 24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi

23 Sep 2019

Enerdata, as a long-time World Energy Council partner, participated in the 24th World Energy Congress, which took place in Abu Dhabi from 9th to 12th September 2019. The interest in the conference was particularly high this year, with over 4000 attendees from all over the world, more than 100 exhibitors, and 250 speakers.

Our stand was well visited by numerous WEC delegates and visitors. They were seeking foresight on topics such as the global energy demand both for fossil fuels and for renewables, energy efficiency, the energy transition, and energy data science. Both for industrial strategy and for energy policies, to use in the determination of their industrial strategy or to develop their energy policies.

We had meetings with a number of our existing clients, such as the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Energy and Industry, the International Renewable Energy Agency, the Saudi research centre KAPSARC, and industrial players. We also took part in the conferences and associated events and exchanged with our peers on the aforementioned issues.

WEC Abu Dhabi 2019Enerdata at WEC 2019WEC Abu Dhabi 2019

Live Webinar: Global Energy Trends, 2019 Edition

6 Jun 2019

With historically high energy consumption and CO2 emissions from the G20, 2018 was an important year for both energy and climate. That’s why our analysts produce Global Energy Trends – a comprehensive, independent report on the past year’s energy market trends in the G20 and the resulting environmental impacts.
On June 6th, we hosted a live webinar with members of Enerdata’s leadership discussing this year’s statistics and in-house analysis from the report.

Highlights of the topics we discussed in detail:

  • Globally, 2018 saw historically high energy consumption, with corresponding record high CO2 emissions from the G20.
  • Increasing gap with a 1.5-2°C scenario
  • Gas and electricity are growing quickly; coal and oil are not peaking yet.
  • Fossil fuels still represent 80% of the primary energy mix, with gas gaining market share over coal.
  • Strong growth in renewables, but with no acceleration in the pace of capacity additions.
  • Q&A session

The presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the participants.

Download the publication Watch the recorded Webinar

Enerdata Contribution to Climate Chance Observatory Launch

18 Dec 2018

Climate Chance is an association that supports the fight against climate change by creating synergies between diverse, non-state actors around the world who work at the local level to promote climate action. 

They just published their first global report, and Enerdata was very happy to contribute by providing data and analysis. We also participated in the high-level launch events, both at the French Senate in Paris last month, and at COP24 in Katowice, Poland.

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Presentation in Mexico on Energy Efficiency and Tackling Energy Poverty

28 Nov 2018

Since 2017, Enerdata has been assisting the Mexican National Commission for Efficient Energy Use (CONUEE) to evaluate energy efficiency in Mexico. (This is part of a project of ADEME – the French Environment and Energy Management Agency – carried out with financial support from the AFD – the French Development Agency).

In the context of the greater priority given to fuel poverty by the new Mexican government, we recently reviewed existing efficiency policies and measures to tackle fuel poverty in the EU and in emerging countries.

In November, Dr. Bruno Lapilonne, Enerdata co-founder and expert on energy demand and efficiency, presented the latest results at a conference in Mexico.


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Coal vs Renewables at Asian Conference

19 Sep 2018

With record attendance topping 9,000 participants and delegates, the POWER-GEN Asia conference, held this year in Jakarta, Indonesia, was a successful exchange.

Notable guests included several Indonesian government ministers, as well as keynote speakers from a variety of organisations. Enerdata also returned to the event this year, with our CEO, Pascal Charriau, speaking as a member of the opening plenary panel discussion: “Coal vs Renewables: Asia's Balancing Act.”

Enerdata looks forward to joining the discussion again at next year’s conference in Kuala Lumpur.

powerGen 2018powergen asia 2018

« Mind the gap » publication launch in Brussels

19 Jun 2018

I4CE and Enerdata presented their analysis and conclusions on Tuesday June 19, 2018  in Brussels.

Following the presentation of their policy brief on April 10th; I4CE and Enerdata presented the official publication of their study «Mind the gap»:  Aligning the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework to meet long-term climate goals for a better coordination of climate and energy policies through the regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union.

Read the publication

Climate Action in Asian and Pacific Countries: The implications of NDCs and the role of carbon pricing for the energy sector

6 Jun 2018

Enerdata, presented a no-cost webinar hosted by the Clean Energy Solution Center, untitled "Climate Action in Asian and Pacific Countries: The implications of NDCs and the role of carbon pricing for the energy sector" on June 6th.

By 2030, Asian and Pacific countries may account for more than half of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Consequently, evaluating the implications of nationally determined contributions and the role of carbon pricing in the Asia-Pacific region will be essential to helping prevent climate change. This webinar addresses these topics and presents the results of an exclusive study leveraging the Enerdata EVALUATE model. During the webinar, Enerdata experts will discuss these questions:

  • What will be the 2030 levels of energy related GHG emissions in the region?
  • What will NDCs imply for Asian and Pacific countries in terms of mitigation effort and associated costs?
  • What are the expected impacts, depending on the carbon pricing policies implemented (sectoral regulations, domestic ETS and linking between national carbon markets), on GHG emissions levels and on the costs of policies?

The presentation was followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.

Download the presentation Watch the recorded Webinar

Public Webinar, Global Energy Trends, 2018 edition

31 May 2018

Based on its latest annual data on G20 countries, Enerdata has hosted a webinar for a presentation of our findings and a discussion with our experts.

The main questions addressed by the webinar:

  • Is global economic growth the main driver behind the energy consumption increase in 2017?
  • Has the rebound in fossil fuel consumption impacted the growth of renewables?
  • Global growth of CO2 emissions in 2017: a trend followed by all countries?
  • What is the resulting delay to achieve Paris Agreement’s objectives?

The presentation was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the participants.

Download the publication Watch the recorded Webinar

Presentation on the 2030 EU climate and energy policy

10 Apr 2018

On April 10th, Enerdata in collaboration with I4CE, presented a publication entitled « Mind the gap: aligning the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework to meet long-term climate goals ».

Co-written with I4CE, the study analyses and quantifies the interactions within the energy and climate framework. It then describes policy options to implement an ambitious and coherent policy mix, which would enable the EU to respect its commitment under the Paris Agreement.

On the occasion of the publication of their policy brief, I4CE and Enerdata invited you to the presentation of their analysis and conclusions.

Read the policy brief

Energy Transition Monitoring Methodology Webinar

15 Mar 2018

Enerdata presented a no-cost webinar on the Energy Transition Monitoring methodology, including analysis and case studies.

In the framework of the Paris Agreement, most countries in the world committed to reducing their greenhouse emissions. These commitments are now incorporated in the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) that indicate the targets for 2025–2030. This said, most studies consider that current NDCs are incompatible with the "below 2°C" target of the Paris Agreement.

Enerdata aims to identify two gaps: an "implementation gap" between the observed trends and the NDCs goals of energy and climate transition policies, and a "trajectory gap" between the NDCs and 2°C compatible trajectories. To do so, Enerdata combines relevant data from (1) the existing Enerdata international energy databases, (2) structured information on NDCs and national policies and (3) energy projections according to the EnerFuture country-level scenarios leveraging the POLES world energy model for 56 countries.

The webinar presented the EnerTraM tool, and methodology, as well as analyses and case studies on four countries that reflect diversity in terms of data availability, country status and decarbonisation policies: Mexico and Vietnam as emerging countries, Senegal as a developing country and France as an industrialized country.

The presentations were followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.

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Aligning the climate and energy framework to meet EU long-term climate ambition

28 Feb 2018

logo webinar enerdata-leonardoEnerdata presented a no-cost webinar, hosted by Leonardo ENERGY: Aligning the climate and energy framework to meet EU long-term climate ambition.

Under today’s circumstances, EU climate targets and policies fall short of its long-term climate ambition. Counterproductive interactions undermine the energy and climate policies’ efficiency and the agreed reform of the EU ETS will not be sufficient to mitigate overlapping effects of other policies on the EU ETS. Negotiations on the EU 2030 climate and energy framework are the opportunity to implement Paris Agreement’s goals in the EU. In this 2018 EU policy context, specially to feed-in the negotiations of the Governance of the Energy Union, Enerdata has modelled different scenarios including last EU ETS, ESR designs using the global energy system simulation model (POLES). The study proposes an ex-ante estimation of policy interactions on GHG emissions, and explores policy options on how to better align policies to mitigate these interactions and meet EU long-term climate ambition in line with the Paris Agreement.

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Enerdata spoke at the LCT Summit - Changsa, China November 29 & 30th

20 Nov 2017

Transitioning Towards Sustainable Low-Carbon City Development.

Enerdata joined leaders from Asian Governments, leading think-tanks and global corporations this past November 29th & 30th in Changsha to discuss the pathways to develop Cities with low carbon technologies and innovations.

Enerdata introduced best practices and sharing case studies to Low carbon city implementation and towards China's ambitious plan to meet the Paris Agreement for GHG emissions before 2030.

The main purpose of this Forum was to introduce the most advanced LCTs and exchange global experience and lessons on developing low carbon cities through LCT innovation and investment.

The agenda for the conference touched on global low carbon technology scenarios, and considered its international impact. The important areas  covered featured views from the international community to discuss the type of global-level directions required to strengthen low carbon technology development, and the importance of international collaboration in empowering cities to adapt low carbon technologies.

Some of the speakers this year included:

  • Dazhe Xu, Governor, Hunan Province (PRC)
  • Yongping Zhai, Chief of Energy Sector Group, Asian Development Bank
  • Zhen Sun, Deputy Director General, Department of Climate Change, NDRC (PRC)
  • Angelo Amorelli, Global Head of Research, BP (United Kingdom)
  • Cyril Cassisa, Project Manager, Global Energy Forecast Team, Enerdata (France)


Singapore International Energy Week

14 Nov 2017

Enerdata attended the Singapore International Energy Week, from October 16 to 19th. Energy experts and leaders were present to debate about their views of the future of energy. Christoph Frei of the World Energy Council presented his global trends of the energy market, and experts from ABB and the World Bank discussed carbon strategies and policies.

SEW SingaporeSEW SingaporeSEW Singapore

Future of Energy Efficiency in Germany webinar

9 Nov 2017

Enerdata, in partnership with The Clean Energy Solutions Center, hosted a webinar : " Determining Future Energy Efficiency Potential across Sectors: Case Study on Germany " on the main energy efficiency drivers at sectoral and end-use levels, and their impact on future energy consumption.

Energy demand is a growing concern as reserves are gradually depleting, emissions mitigation is getting more and more urgent, and there are still technological, business and political hurdles to a widespread development of renewable and clean energies globally. Robust forecasting plays a vital role in energy supply-demand management for both government bodies and private companies as national objectives set in energy plans are becoming more and more ambitious. For this reason, Enerdata has been developing over the last two decades the EnerMED  model, (previous Medpro) used by policymakers as well as business and strategic planners to forecast energy consumption at the country level and determine and rank the energy efficiency potential across sectors.

This webinar « Determining Future Energy Efficiency Potential across Sectors: Case Study on Germany » analysed the overall energy demand pathways of different  EnerMED  (previous MedPro scenarios in the particular case of Germany. The analysis quantified the huge importance of the residential and transport sectors as primary energy efficiency pools.

The webinar was carried on by Dr. Manfred Hafner.

future energy efficiency potential accross sectors


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EU-ETS report presentation in Paris

10 Oct 2017

EU ETS: last call before the doors close on the negotiations for the post-2020 reform in Paris.

On October 10th, Enerdata participated in the presentation of a report titled EU ETS: last call before the doors close on the negotiations for the post-2020 reform in Paris. Co-written with I4CE and IFPEN, the document reviews the ETS revision proposals from both the EU Parliament and the EU Council, and their possible long-term consequences on the trading scheme. It assesses whether the reforms will be enough to make the ETS a credible asset to the EU climate change policy. It also anticipates how the implementation of a price corridor in the EU and the Brexit might affect the future of the program.

Dr Cyril Cassisa, representing Enerdata, spoke on the subject of the POLES prevision model which was used in the report to forecast the evolution of the ETS by 2040. These previsions have been calculated from scenarios based on possible outcomes of the negotiations now taking place between EU institutions.

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eu ets pariseu ets paris 2017

Enerdata participated to the15th IAEE Conference

4 Sep 2017

On September 4-7, Dr. Manfred Hafner, Vice-President at Enerdata, participated to the 15th International Association for Energy Economists IAEE European Conference 2017 in Vienna. He was invited to address a plenary session on “Geopolitics of oil and gas in Europe” and to specifically address the subject of “Energy Supply Security in Europe”.

Dr. Hafner argued that thanks to the oversupplied oil and gas markets combined with the changing gas market structure, traditional security of supply considerations have today lost some of their urgency, but there are new security of supply issues emerging, which are linked to the energy transition, and which should be taken seriously. These relate to some degree to the capability of integration of a very rapidly increasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy sources into electricity grids, but much more importantly, the risk of cyberattacks on our electricity grids. Our electricity grids are indeed more and more vulnerable as we advance with the ongoing 3-D revolution (Decarbonisation, Digitalisation and Decentralisation) which will more and more be based also on smart grids. He therefore concluded that Europe needs to prepare itself for the threats of the future and not just focus on the threats of the past. In addition, Dr. Hafner was also asked to preside two parallel sessions of the conference, one on fossil fuels and one on renewable policy.

15th IAEE Conference Manfred Hafner

PowerGen & Renewable Energy World workshops in Europe (Koelnmesse-Germany)

28 Jun 2017

Enerdata in partnership with PennWell organised the two-half day PowerGen & Renewable Energy World workshops in Europe.

The workshop was structured as follows:

  • Developing a Secure and Affordable Gas Market: Market Context, current market structure, policy development, Case Study, case Study/ Demo
  • Carbon Emissions Management: Emissions Market Context, Current Market Structure, Policy Development, Risk Scenarios, Case Study, Case Study / Demo

Dr. Manfred Hafner, Vice-President at Enerdata, participated on 28 June 2017 at two panel discussions at the Power Gen Conference in Cologne: one on “Strategies for change: can we manage 2030 sustainability?” and the other on “Renewable Energy: update, objective and impact”. This allowed Dr. Hafner to present Enerdata’s “Enerfuture” scenarios and energy modelling capabilities, and to elaborate in particular on different sustainability approaches and pathways into the future in different continents and countries as well as to elaborate on renewable energy outlooks under different scenarios. During the panel discussions he elaborated Enerdata’s views on the ongoing and future fundamental energy system transformations related to policy driven top-down decarbonisation based transformations as well as bottom-up technology driven digitalisation based transformations linked with decentralization of energy systems. In addition to the policy and technological drivers, he also stressed the economic and societal aspects of these transformations. 


power gen manfredpower gen event

Enerdata presented Global Energy Trends, 2017 edition in Paris

19 Jun 2017

Enerdata recently presented the “Global Energy Trends, 2017 edition” to top energy journalists and to a panel of customers in Paris.

Every year, Enerdata is the first institute providing such an independent analysis, leveraging its expertise and trusted energy databases.

This Global Energy Trends presentation outlined the key evolutions of the energy markets in the G20 in 2016 and answered the following questions:

  • Did 2016 confirm the last two years of stabilisation of energy demand and CO2 emissions?
  • Is China's predominance in renewables confirmed?
  • What is the role of the United States in the energy transition?
  • Has natural gas regained market share against coal?
  • Are the current trends in energy efficiency and power sector decarbonisation in line with COP21 Paris Agreement?

The presentation is available in French and in English

Get the Enerdata's 2017 edition downloading it directly from the Global Energy Trends, 2017 page.

get2017 presentation

Global Energy Trends, 2017 edition - Public Webinar

6 Jun 2017

As every year Enerdata is the first organisation to release a Global Energy Trends analysis, based on its latest annual data on G20 countries.
Enerdata has hosted a webinar for a presentation of our findings and a discussion with our experts.

Main questions addressed by the webinar :

  • Is global energy demand still flat ? How about CO2 emissions? Is decorrelation from GDP growth confirmed?
  • How does the gas market share evolve vs. coal?
  • Where does the global electricity consumption increase come from?
  • Oil prices: to which extent was OPEC’s strategy successful?
  • Does China still prevail in terms of renewable energies?
  • Is energy transition actually happening?

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Enerdata at OMC2017 on a Panel with four Energy Ministers

11 May 2017

Enerdata’s Vice-President Consulting, Dr. Manfred Hafner has recently participated in a high-level panel discussion on the “East Mediterranean Basin: A New Gas Hub for Europe” with the Energy Ministers of Egypt, Cyprus, Lebanon and Greece as well as the Chief Exploration Officer of Eni. The panel was organised in the framework of the Offshore Mediterranean Conference (OMC2017) in Ravenna on March 29th.

In his introductory speech, Dr. Hafner presented different valorisation and export options of the important natural gas finds in the Eastern Mediterranean, including different pipeline and LNG options, and argued that we are in the presence of a circular problem: if there are political or commercial risks that no export infrastructure will be in place when production starts, a lot of money will be lost. If on the other side the field underperforms compared to expectations, expensive export infrastructure will sit idle. Therefore, connecting an underused and scalable export infrastructure like the Egyptian LNG plants with several promising fields in the area could be the key to unlocking the untapped regional potential. He thus underlined the importance to have a cooperative approach among different countries, as interconnections create interdependencies, and interdependencies promote stability and peace. The bigger the gas resources, the more important they become for all parties involved and they can become a political game-changer in the region. All the Ministers of the region present at the panel have during their interventions reiterated the importance of regional cooperation.

Risk Assessment of Power Projects - Public Webinar

19 Apr 2017

Enerdata, in partnership with Clean Energy Solutions Center, hosted a webinar on “Risk assessment of power projects in Asia”.

With the cost of renewables dropping year-on-year and with the need of additional capacity in regions such as Africa and Asia, then having a rigorous methodology to identify areas of opportunities and risk is paramount. Enerdata has her in-house Enerdata Energy Risk Index (ERI) methodology to execute risk analysis for power related projects. The ERI methodology is capable to qualify and quantify market risks in order for companies to efficiently take actions to prevent loss of capital.

Enerdata discussed the outlook on global and regional energy trends, trends of Levelised Cost of Electricity, Feed-in-Tariff systems, benchmarking results between countries and real case studies of power related projects including Malaysia, Cambodia and Japan.

During the webinar we touched the main topics that a Feasibility Study Elements for a Power Project needs to cover such as Policy and Regulatory Assessment; Market Assessment & Sizing; Technology Selection; Economic Analysis and Risk Assessment. In the case studies we assessed how the energy trade balances and energy policies are designing the future of the fuel mix for power generation. In the Japan case, Nuclear restart takes a major assessment because it is and will impact the LNG consumption in the country and also the LNG prices globally since Japan is the major Global LNG importer. In the Indonesia case, the 1000+ islands play a key factor on what is feasible and what is not feasible. And for Malaysia, the no-existence of renewable plays a key dilemma for the future energy mix of the country that is already experiencing shortage of domestic oil & gas production.

Used methodology and tools

The following resources have been used to produce the detailed analysis:

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Antonio Della Pelle contributed to a seminar in Singapore: “Innovations In Energy Services”

29 Mar 2017

Enerdata Singapore Managing Director, Antonio Della Pelle, has actively contributed to the seminar called “INNOVATIONS IN ENERGY SERVICES”, organised by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation and Clarion Event. The seminar has been organised to help Singapore energy management professionals to prepare for the stricter energy efficiency and emission control regime and implement renewable energy solutions within the Singapore Energy Environment. Antonio moderated one of the sessions, and shared with the audience the vast experience that Enerdata has related to Energy Efficiency, including the regional projects such as Odyssee (Europe) and Cepal (Latin America), plus several contributions at country level in Asia. Enerdata shared the fact that Energy Efficiency is performing very well in the building and commercial sectors and not doing too well in the industry sector. Based on our projects we noted that, at the EU level, energy efficiency for final consumers, as measured by ODEX, improved by an average of 1.3 % per year from 2000 to 2014. In industry, the pace of energy efficiency improvements has been halved since the economic crisis (1.1 % per year since 2008, compared with around 2.2 % per year between 2000 and 2008). In the residential sector, despite the economic crisis, there has been steady progress and larger gains than in the other sectors (1.8 % per year). This trend can be explained by the introduction of the many regulations affecting buildings and appliances. The efficiency in the transport sector is steadily increasing by 1 % per year, mainly thanks to cars, as efficiency gains slowed down for other modes.

The industry lacks of proper regulations and policies and the Energy Efficiency becomes highly depending on ROI (Return On Investments), and with low energy prices, energy efficiency solutions are becoming too expensive. Interesting to share, that Mr. Ang Kok Kiat, Director, Energy Efficiency & Conservation Department, NEA, told the audience some future plans of the Singapore Government to introduce new regulations on motors energy efficiency within the industry that coupled with the recent announcement of the introduction of a carbon tax in Singapore, then the Singapore Industry needs to embrace Energy Efficiency solutions no matter what, because now both regulations and ROI will support such activities.

Enerdata is well-placed to support the companies’ strategies for future Energy Planning and is looking forward to being an active contributor of Singapore Energy Reduction activities by sharing its 30 years of experience working both at policy and plant levels.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more how Enerdata experience can support your plans.

innovation energy services


Enerdata Enerfuture – Global Energy Scenarios to 2040 – Free Webinar

28 Mar 2017

Enerdata’s Global Energy Forecast team recently published its 2017 EnerFuture scenarios update, which provides a comprehensive expert insight for strategic business planning and policy-making.

In this context, Enerdata, has  hosted a webinar about World Energy Scenarios which introduced the 3 main energy scenarios followed by a focus on Asia, Africa and Europe.

Example of key topics that were addressed:

  • 3/4 of the demand growth over 2015-2040 will come from Asia, and 15% from Africa (Ener-Blue, +3-4°)
  • One kWh of power generated will produce 75% less CO2 emission in 2040 vs 2015, (Ener-Green, +2°)
  • Universal electricity access in Africa by 2030 would require 7% of the global investments needs for the energy sector
  • A 2°C scenario implies a strong reduction of the fossil fuels in the energy mix (Ener-Green)

enerfuture scenariosTopics covered:

  • Introduction: Methodology and scenarios overview
  • Ener-Blue: NDCs based scenario
  • Ener-Green: 2°C max. increase scenario
  • Supply
  • Regional focus
    • Asia
    • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • EU
  • Energy Transition Monitoring

Following Enerdata’s public presentation on energy future scenarios, Manfred Hafner was on LinkedIn for a live Q&A session on May the 4th at 15.00 to 15.45 CET.

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Enerfuture Scenarios presentation in Paris - France

9 Mar 2017

Enerdata started the annual EnerFuture tour in Paris, presenting its EnerFuture World Energy Scenarios to 2040.

The speakers were Pr Manfred HAFNER, Vice-President Consulting, Morgan CRENES, Project Manager and Patrick CRIQUI, Senior Researcher at CNRS and member of Enerdata’s expert panel.

Enerdata recently published its 2017 EnerFuture scenarios update, which provides a comprehensive expert insight for strategic business planning and policy making.

Scenarios introduction:

  • The Ener-Blue scenario provides an outlook of energy systems up to 2040 based on the achievement of the 2030 targets defined in the INDCs as announced at the COP-21.
  • Ener-Green explores the implications of more stringent energy and climate policies, in order to limit the global temperature increase at around 1.5-2°C by the end of the century
  • Finally, Ener-Brown describes a world with durably low fossil fuel energy prices, affecting the entire energy system over a long period

The presentation is based on findings from EnerFuture service and POLES model, and covers key issues and trends in world energy demand, supply and CO2 emissions. Specific focuses were made on EU, Asia and Africa. Enerdata also introduced a project concerning the monitoring of energy transition.

atelier enerfuture 1atelier enerfuture 3atelier enerfuture 2



Following this workshop, a public webinar has taken place on March 28th, led by Manfred HAFNER and Morgan CRENES.



A review of the African Solar Market - Public Webinar

7 Feb 2017


Enerdata, in partnership with Clean Energy Solutions Center, has hosted a webinar on solar (on-grid and off-grid) market potential and deployment in Africa.

Leveraging desk research and insight from the field, Enerdata, along with its partner Infinergia, gave an overview of the solar market in Africa. On the grid side, the webinar  focused on electricity production and the share of solar generation, grid PV installed capacities, main operational plants, grid PV forecasts and market challenges and opportunities. The presentation also focused on the huge electrification challenge in Sub Saharan Africa where two thirds of the population does presently still not have access to electricity. The role of solar PV, both on-grid and off-grid was discussed.


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Dr. Manfred Hafner spoke at the 1st AIEE Energy Symposium in Milan, Italy

2 Dec 2016

Enerdata’s Vice-President of Consulting, Dr. Manfred Hafner, spoke at the 1st AIEE (Italian Association of Energy Economists) Energy Symposium on December 2nd, 2016 in Milan (Italy).

Dr. Hafner presented key findings of Enerdata’s Enefuture scenarios both worldwide and in Europe with emphasis on the challenges in decarbonizing European energy systems. This presentation also highlighted how the energy industry must adapt to a new transition governed by a 3-D energy paradigm: decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation.

The AIEE Energy Symposium’s objective, in partnership with the Bicocca University of Milan, was to provide open dialogue about the future energy landscape among academic, business, government and international organisations. Topics addressed were to discuss existing energy trends as well as challenges and innovative solutions to enhance global energy security.

Public Webinar - 2016 Half Year Key Energy Market Trends

22 Nov 2016

Enerdata’s latest public webinar highlighted key market trends over the last six months. Enerdata’s Head of Market Research, Nathalie Desbrosses answered to the public questions. This customized analysis leverages Enerdata’s latest innovative offering – the Monthly Energy Database. In this webinar we discussed hot topics such as:

  • The first decline in US crude oil production since 2006
  • China as it surpasses the US as the premier leader in electricity production
  • The astounding increase in gas consumption among power plants in the US and the UK
  • The continuous decline of coal in China

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Enerdata takes part in COP22, Marrakech

7 Nov 2016

Enerdata took part in the 22nd Session of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) in Marrakech, from 7 to 18 November 2016.

Enerdata experts presented and participated in 4 side events:

Round Table: How Sustainable Energy can drive Prosperity?:
Thursday 10th November, Organised by OCPPC (in English)
Energy is a crucial input for economic prosperity, making the transition to low-carbon energy in developing countries a crucial issue.
This session will bring together experts to discuss the following questions: What would be the drivers and conditions to maximise prosperity while minimising the production and use of coal and oil? What will be the consequences of such a constraint? Under which conditions can a decoupling between fossil energy and GDP growth take place? What consequences would be induced by a delay in the implementation of this energy shift?

Round Table: Quantify national and sectoral impacts of the INDCs and the role of carbon pricing policies:
Monday 14th November, Organised by Enerdata/I4CE/AFD (in French)
The roundtable will examine the main criteria to guide policymakers towards more efficient and relevant choices in climate and energy policies to engage and support the transition to a low carbon economy and to achieve mitigation objectives. This event is particularly aimed towards developing countries that are interested in implementing carbon pricing policies to peruse low carbon growth models.
Enerdata has extensive experience in aiding various countries and international institutions define strategies related to climate and energy policies, in particular analysing the implications of greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets. To better compare and assess climate ambitions, Enerdata has developed three scenarios based on the global energy-saving model: POLES. The analysis will focus on how development needs and climate constraints could be reconciled.

Round Table: Energy efficiency: The direct pathway towards sustainable energy
Thursday 17th November, organised by Enerdata/ADEME/WEC (in French
This side event, for the first time, presents the World Energy Council (WEC) 2016 report entitled “energy efficiency: the pathway for sustainability”. It evaluates energy efficiency trends by sector and World region and highlights the main innovative energy efficiency policies and measures (P&Ms) implemented worldwide.
The round table will focus on what can we learn from the best trends and P&Ms implemented at national and sectoral levels and how is it transferable to other countries/regions. It will discuss the key considerations to guide policymakers to make more accurate choices on energy efficiency policies to drive their transition towards a low-carbon economy and thus achieve their energy efficiency targets. This side-event is particularly aimed at emerging and developing countries (specifically: North and Central Africa) that are interested in implementing policies to pursue energy savings.

Side Event: How to align EU policy with the goals of the Paris Agreement?
Thursday 17th November, organised by Enerdata/IETA/I4CE (in English)
The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) and Enerdata will gather experts from the EU institutions, major European industrial companies, research institutes and think tanks to discuss at COP22 how we can together align current EU climate policies with the outcomes and goals of the Paris Agreement.
The side event will lean on Enerdata’s expertise and modelling scenarios for decarbonisation pathways and policy recommendations in discussing a range of topics. Key features will include the reflection of the 5-year review cycle of the Paris Agreement on EU law, how the framework of the Paris Agreement can help the EU in achieving emissions goals, how to synergise policies with non-EU members and the potential role of an UN supported REDD+ component in future EU climate policy and as part of the EU Effort Sharing Decision.

COP 22 Enerdata Yasmine ARSALANECOP 22 Enerdata Yasmine ARSALANE


COP 22 Enerdata Carine SEBICOP 22 Enerdata Carine SEBI

Enerdata presented a seminar in Tokyo, Japan: “Energy Modelling Approaches in Emerging Countries”

20 Oct 2016

Enerdata, in collaboration with the Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI), presented Energy Modelling Approaches in Emerging Countries, a half-day seminar with real-world case studies on October 20th.

Speakers demonstrated three of Enerdata’s robust, in-house models (Evaluate, POLES and Medpro), along with concrete examples of how these tools have been applied in Africa and South America. This half-day seminar, highlighted the following topics:

Energy Transition in Emerging Countries: an outlook on scenarios developed using Enerdata’s POLES model, with focus on Africa
Speaker: Pascal Charriau, Enerdata’s CEO
Curious to develop your business in emerging countries? Enerdata presented three scenarios highlighting future climate and energy policy evolutions. This presentation included an in-depth analysis on power development, capacities and the future evolution of power mix in sub-Saharan Africa.

Enerdata CO2 Mitigation Assessment – using the EVALUATE model in South America to understand challenges in emission reductions
Speaker: Hiroyuki Tatsumi
Reducing greenhouse gases is at the core of defining future climate policies. In order to analyse future economic impacts and policy instruments in reducing GHG emissions, Enerdata has developed several useful tools in collaboration with key actors in the energy field, including the World Bank, European Commission and Danish Energy Agency.

Energy Efficiency and Demand: a top priority in emerging countries. How to assess policies and benchmark performance through a bottom-up approach using Enerdata’s MedPro model
Speaker: Antonio Della Pelle, Enerdata Singapore Managing Director
In a two-part series, Enerdata’s speaker first presented tools and policy analysis to showcase the most innovative initiatives worldwide. Seminar participants gained a comprehensive overview of the methodology behind Enerdata’s energy scenarios, with concrete results stemming from African case studies.

For more information regarding this seminar and the topics provided, please contact us.

2016 International Modelling Conference – Carbon Price Modelling & Policy Analysis for Efficient GHG Reduction

12 Oct 2016

Enerdata presented MACCs model at international climate modelling conference in Seoul.

The Greenhouse Gas Inventory & Research Center of Korea (GIR) invited Enerdata’s Morgan Crenes to present “Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACCs) & Techno-economic carbon price models for ETS” at its 2016 International Modelling Conference – Carbon Price Modelling & Policy Analysis for Efficient GHG Reduction. Enerdata was proud to be able to support the GIR and demonstrate its MACCs model to the conference members.

2016 International Modelling Conference

Power Generation Fuel Mix Forecast in Asia: A Scenario Analysis for till 2040 Paper Presentation - Korea

21 Sep 2016

Antonio Della Pelle, Managing director of Enerdata Singapore, presented a paper at Power Gen Asia on 21st September 2016, Seoul, Korea. The paper titled “Power Generation Fuel Mix Forecast in Asia: A Scenario Analysis for till 2040” was well received by the audience and by the several international power experts present at the speech. Enerdata shared the outcome of more than four months of work providing a deep analysis of three scenarios about the power mix outlook in Asia. The knowledge shared by Enerdata was extremely well received and as a formal recognition from the Power Gen Committee, Enerdata Paper was Highly Commended and finished top three paper out of around 50 other papers.

This is an important recognition for Enerdata and her flagship Energy Global Forecast Model named POLES. POLES has been used for many years by the European Commissions and other governments to better define energy policies and at the same time it has also been used by Private companies to optimise their business strategies and investment roadmaps.

If you would like to receive a copy of the paper that won the Power Gen Award then please contact us.

Best Paper Power Gen Asia 2016

ZEBRA’s final conference, Brussels

8 Sep 2016

ZEBRA2020Monitoring the market uptake of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings across Europe

What have we learned from the nZEB market uptake since 2010?

Are Energy Performance Certificates a useful tool on the real-estate market? What impact can the review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) have on the nZEB ambitions?

This conference answered these questions and shared knowledge on how to reach the ambitious target of a 100%-share of nZEBs for new buildings after 2020, as well as a substantial increase of deep nZEB renovations. Participants had the opportunity to debate policy recommendations and strategies to accelerate the market uptake of nZEBs with leading experts in this field and decision-makers.

The conference allowed for a deep dive into a cross-country comparison of barriers, drivers and best practices focusing on the economic aspects of the transition to nZEBs. On top, data-tools were used to showcase the status and evolution of several key features of the overall building stock and nZEB activities.

The speaker line-up included Vasco Ferreira (DG ENER), Berna Bohrer-Topaloğlu (European Investment Bank) and many more.


The conference was organised within the framework of the EU-funded project ZEBRA2020.

More information about the Zebra2020 datatools

Enerdata Hosts Webinar Based on Energy Efficiency Policies and Trends in the EU

7 Jul 2016

Enerdata, in partnership with the Clean Energy Solutions Center, hosted a webinar highlighting energy efficiency policies and trends in the EU.

After an in-depth analysis on the globally recognised ODYSSEE-MURE Project, Enerdata’s expert Dr. Carine Sebi and Professor Wolfgang Eichhammer at Faunhofer ISI explained the driving forces behind changes in energy consumption and global trends, focusing on policy instruments currently implemented across the EU.

The well-attended public webinar was followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience. If you would like to receive a copy of the presentation or have further question about this webinar, please contact us.

World Energy Data – Yearbook 2016 edition

21 Jun 2016

Enerdata has released its 2016 edition of Yearbook, a free online application providing unlimited access to data on oil, gas, coal and electricity markets for over 40 countries. The user-friendly platform illustrates information regarding supply, demand and trade from the year 2015 through colourful maps and detailed graphs for key players in the energy industry.

“Year after year, more and more people from all continents download and use Enerdata’s Yearbook,” said Nathalie Desbrosses, Enerdata’s Head of Market Research. “We are proud of that and we therefore continue to improve our process and develop new functionalities.”

In this sample of Yearbook, viewers get a glimpse at an interactive map allowing for personalised country benchmark and data export to Excel. Be in the know of top coal, gas, oil and power producers on a global scale. Gain a comprehensive overview of the world’s leading export and import countries. Enerdata’s 2016 edition of Yearbook offers sound information in order to make strategic business decisions and customized global analysis.

World Energy Data

Enerdata spoke at the IAEE International conference in Bergen, Norway

21 Jun 2016

Manfred Hafner

Enerdata’s Vice President of Consulting Dr. Manfred Hafner presented a report on the evolving energy landscape over the long-term faced with growing climate constraints and governmental policies.

Leveraging the world renown POLES Model, Enerdata’s three scenarios were assessed by energy sources, geographical regions and challenges in implementation. The presentation also showed additional commitments needed to move from the Ener-Blue scenario (INDCs scenario) to Ener-Green (+2°C scenario), and presented the consequences of the Ener-Brown scenario, of which continues to be used on a large scale due to an abundance of cheap hydrocarbon resources. Alongside this, Dr. Hafner presented the important efforts towards sustainable development.

Enerdata introduced Global Energy Trends in Paris

31 May 2016

On May 31st, 2016 Enerdata celebrated 20 years of its annual publication, “Global Energy Trends”, an in-depth analysis showcasing key information from 2015 in the G20. Enerdata’s CEO, Pascal Charriau, and Nathalie Desbrosses, Head of Market Research, presented the report to top energy journalists in Paris.
“It is definitely important for us to share our results with specialised journalists”, said Charriau. “They are eager for fresh and independent analysis, which is in our roots, and they bring us key questions and new topics to address in the near future.”

Enerdata was pleased to report a record turnout for its annual public webinar, “Global Energy Trends”.

Thanks to its statistical process and dedicated teams, Enerdata continues to be the first to unveil such a detailed and data-driven report. The presentation, now fully available in both French and English, highlights valuable information regarding evolving trends in major energy markets across the G20 – of which hold 80% of the world’s energy demand.

Get a recap of Enerdata's 2016 edition Global Energy Trends webinar by clicking the link below or download directly the Global Energy Trends, 2016 edition here.

2015 Global Energy Trends in Paris2015 Global Energy Trends in Paris

Enerdata Power & Gas Risk Methodology Seminar in Japan

26 May 2016

On May 26th 2016, Enerdata, in collaboration with the Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI), organised a half - day energy seminar open to JOI members and Enerdata clients.

Speakers Hiroyuki Tatsumi, Enerdata’s Japan-based partner, and Enerdata Singapore Managing Director Antonio Della Pelle, shared the latest energy forecasts as well as several case studies relevant to power and gas risk analysis to an audience of over 75 people.

In a dynamic question and answer session, attendees expressed interest in a variety of topics, including solar production costs, ongoing power generation projects in Africa, the share of coal in the Asian economy and the future of nuclear power in Japan.

Topics presented at the seminar included:

  • An outlook on global and regional energy trends
  • A risk analysis on a power-based project
    • Real case study: Malaysia
    • Multi-country benchmarking
  • A power project cost analysis
    • Real case study: Africa

If you would like to gain more insight about the topics presented or discuss with our energy experts, please contact us.

Enerdata Power & Gas Risk Methodology Seminar in Japan

Exclusive Energy Seminar in Singapore

18 May 2016

On Wednesday 18 May Enerdata had the 3rd Enerdata Energy Day in Singapore. This year event was co-hosted with JYD, the Enerdata strategic partner for China.

The Enerdata annual event has been growing year on year and this year we experienced the biggest turnover of people. We shared with the attendees the POLES results of our main three forecast scenarios, then our Chinese partner went into the details of the Chinese Oil Market including the new Energy Policies that have reshaped the Chinese oil market opening up the refining private sector or so called teapots refineries to become international players. We did discuss in more details about Gas and LNG, South East Asia energy developments and we concluded the full day seminar discussing the importance of energy efficiency and benchmarking to ensure companies run their operation in the most energy efficient way. The speakers shared a wealth of data, information and experience with the Audience and the Audience appreciated it.

As usual the feedback from the attendees was extremely positive and looking forward to next year event. From the discussions it came up evident people were interested to learn more about renewables, realise that no matter what fossil fuel will remain an important component for our primary energy demand for the near and mid future and finally we all recognised that Energy Policies are extremely important if we want to shape a low emissions future.

This year Audience was extremely diverse. We have major Oil & Gas Companies, Engineering companies, Banks, Financial institutions, researcher and power generation and utilities companies.

We thank all the speakers and attendees to make the Enerdata Energy Event a successful event full of Energy.

Enerdata and JYD at Energy Seminar in SingaporeEnerdata Presentation at Energy Seminar in Singapore

Enerfuture World Energy Scenarios to 2040. Europe Presentations.

7 Apr 2016

Enerdata conducted several workshops and webinars in Europe and all over the world to present its EnerFuture World Energy Scenarios to 2040.

Enerdata’s Global Energy Forecast team recently published its 2016 EnerFuture scenarios update, which provides a comprehensive expert insight for strategic business planning and policy making.

The publication is based on findings from EnerFuture service and POLES model, and covers key issues and trends in world energy demand, supply and CO2 emissions.

Several workshops and webinars have taken place or will soon take place in Europe and Asia, led by Pr Manfred HAFNER, VP Consulting, and Yasmine ARSALANE, Project Manager. Several hundreds of attendees showed a great interest and raised many questions about the different scenarios and implications on their business or policies.

Scenarios introduction:

  • The Ener-Blue scenario provides an outlook of energy systems up to 2040 based on the achievement of the 2030 targets defined in the INDCs as announced at the COP-21.
  • Ener-Green explores the implications of more stringent energy and climate policies to limit the global temperature increase at around 1.5-2°C by the end of the century.
  • Finally, Ener-Brown describes a world with durably low fossil fuel energy prices, affecting the entire energy system over a long period.

Download the publication

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios 2016Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios 2016Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios 2016

Webinar Energy Scenarios to 2040: What it takes to reach INDCs?

5 Apr 2016

On April 5th, 2016 The Clean Energy Solutions Center, in partnership with Enerdata, hosted a no-cost webinar on Global Energy Scenarios to 2040.

Following the COP 21 in Paris, Enerdata produced 3 global energy scenarios up to 2040: Ener-Blue, Ener-Green and Ener-Brown. The Ener-Blue scenario provides an outlook of energy systems up to 2040, based on the achievement of the 2030 targets as defined in the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) announced at the COP 21. Ener-Green explores the implications of more stringent energy and climate policies to limit the global temperature increase at around 1.5-2°C by the end of the century. Finally, Ener-Brown describes a world with durably low fossil fuel energy prices, affecting the entire energy system over time. These different scenarios explore the consequences on energy supply and demand, energy mix and energy prices by fuel and region, as well as the implications on climate issues.

This webinar provided an overview of the results related to the Ener-Blue scenario (INDCs), its impacts on different energy sources and geographical regions, as well as its challenges in implementation. It also showed what additional commitments are needed to move from the Ener-Blue scenario to the Ener-Green (2°C) scenario, and it presented the consequences of the Ener-Brown scenario which considers an abundance of cheap hydrocarbon resources and its effect on renewables and emissions.

The presentations were followed by an interactive question and answer session with the audience.


Dr. Manfred Hafner is a recognised expert on energy scenario building, supply-demand assessment, energy policy analysis and market and strategy studies on all energy sources with special focus on gas and power markets.

Yasmine Arsalane is a senior analyst specialised in energy market modelling.

Energy Efficiency - Technical Presentation – Singapore

31 Mar 2016

On March 31st, Enerdata had a talk about Energy Efficiency Trends. The talk that was jointly organised by the Institution of the Chemical Engineers and the Engineering Alumni Singapore and saw a varied audience and representatives of different Industry sectors. Enerdata expects Energy Efficiency Solution Implementation to take a step increase and play her part in the Energy consumption reduction mitigation plans of the governments and private companies. Enerdata went through the outlook of three scenarios of global and regional trends on energy consumption and actual Energy Efficiency implementation results.

In addition to the trends, Enerdata described in details four case studies covering different sectors such as Industry, Services, Transport and Power Generation.

The main messages to take away from the talk are:

  • Energy Efficiency solutions are highly depending on economic growth and energy policies
  • In any sector, energy efficiency implementation is always the major contributor in energy reduction
  • Core process/technology affects the energy efficiency implementation
  • Load factor and product rejection are key factors in energy efficiency accomplishment
  • Industry multi-sites integration favour energy savings and maximise efficiency of existing technologies
  • Benchmarking versus peers and best practice helps in identifying energy efficiency savings potential and support company roadmap vision
  • Electricity consumption is growing in all sectors and as a paradox the Power Generation Industry Energy Efficiency is not keeping the same speed of improvement as per the other sectors. More work needs to be done in the Power Generation Sector.

If you would like to learn more about Energy Efficiency and Benchmarking solutions then please do contact us.

Energy Efficiency Trends - Antonio Della PelleEnergy Efficiency Trends - EAS - IChemE

Webinar Energy Outlook for Power and Gas in Asia - focus on risk assessment

8 Mar 2016

On March 8th, 2016 Enerdata hosted a webinar outlining risk assessment strategies for energy buyers, developers and other participants in Asia’s power and gas market. Topics included how to qualify and quantify market risks in order for companies to efficiently take actions to prevent future issues.

Enerdata also introduced the latest Global Energy Scenarios to 2040, a study based on the in-house global energy forecast model POLES with special focus on developing power and gas sectors in Asia. Enerdata outlined business care strategies by introducing an adopted methodology in order to identify potential risks related to power and gas sectors.

The methodology application described two real case studies in which attendees could learn from.

Presented case studies:

  • Benchmarking power and gas risk analysis in 18 Asian countries
    Risk categories: commercial, socio-economic, financial, environmental, security
    Click here to see country list
  • JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation) Case Study: A comparative analysis of the JBIC results with ERI (Enerdata Risk Index) methodology

Request a presentation on PGRA Listen to the recorded webinar version

Oil Price Rout and Its Impacts on Singapore Talk

25 Feb 2016

On February 25th, 2016, Enerdata was invited to speak at the, “Oil Price Rout and Its Impacts on Singapore,” event organized by the Singapore Business Federation. Antonio Della Pelle, Enerdata Singapore’s Managing Director, spoke in front of an audience of more than 100 people about the future of oil. During the thirty minutes talk, Enerdata shared its forecasts covering five major drivers of oil price, namely supply and demand, financial sector speculation, geopolitics, competing energies and country energy policies.

Following the overview there was a panel discussion in which the audience asked for more insight from Enerdata and other guest speakers.

The main insights shared by Enerdata were that of the oil market and of a necessary return to supply and demand fundamentals. According to Enerdata Experts, oil prices will remain between $30 – $50 for the next 12- 18 months unless major geopolitical and macroeconomic events occur, COP 21 and climate change mitigation may play against future oil demand and geopolitics and security of supply will continue to drive oil market prices.

If you would like to gain more insight about the material presented and discussed by the Enerdata oil experts please contact us.

Oil Price Rout and Its Impacts on Singapore Talk

Oil Price Rout and Its Impacts on Singapore Talk

Exclusive Energy Seminar in Kuala Lumpur

15 Dec 2015

Following on the success of the Enerdata Exclusive Energy Seminars held in Singapore and Tokyo, on Tuesday December 15, Enerdata has delivered the first Exclusive Energy Seminar in Kuala Lumpur. The theme of the seminar were a review of the COP21 outcome, an insight of the energy demand outlook and prices, a deep down analysis of the Malaysian Oil and Gas Industry followed by a case study on risk analysis of investment related to Power & Gas in Malaysia by utilising the Enerdata Risk Index methodology. Antonio Della Pelle, Managing Director of Enerdata Asia, shared Enerdata’s insight on the global energy outlook markets within a context of climate change mitigation feasibility, David Turner, the Enerdata Senior Associate based in Malaysia, went in more details about the Oil and Gas Industry with special attention to Malaysia and Abhishek Rohatgi, the Enerdata Power and Gas Analyst introduced the Enerdata Energy Risk Index Methodology that is utilised in the new Power & Gas Risk Analysis studies by Enerdata and provided a real case study including multi-country benchmarking.

The main messages to take away from the Seminar were that the audience shared their concerns on the specific climate change actions published by the Malaysian government with a very limited amount of new renewable technology. There were also interesting discussions on the likelihood of having nuclear power in Malaysia and this is very interesting because Enerdata Asia is involved in Nuclear related assignments for South East Asia countries. On this subject we have recently published a new report covering the Nuclear Situation in Asia with special focus on South East Asia.

Overall the response from the attendees was very positive and they were all keen to participate to the next Enerdata Energy Seminar and there has been a general demand to know and learn more about renewables. If you would like to have more insights about the material presented please do contact us.

Energy Seminar in Kuala Lumpur

Enerdata's position on the future of the EU ETS, presented at the COP21

10 Dec 2015

During the COP21 in Paris, Enerdata presented with I4CE – Institute for Climate Economics, the future of the EU ETS expected for its Phase 4 (2021-2030). Dr. Manfred Hafner, Vice-President Consulting of Enerdata, described quantitative modelling results based on the POLES model tackling a broad range of topics, from the interactions between renewables, energy efficiency and emissions reductions policies, to the impact of the Market Stability Reserve and the potential consequences of the integration of road transport into the scheme. Presentations were complemented with reactions from high-level panellists from the French Ministry of Energy and companies like EDF and Total.

The results presented are derived from the research program COPEC (Coordination of EU Policies on Energy and CO2) prepared jointly by Enerdata, I4CE and IFPen to inform policy-makers about the future of the EU ETS and its ongoing reform.

Download the Full Report

COP 21 Manfred Hafner Enerdata

Enerdata attended the 7th JYD Annual Meeting at Wuhan, China

5 Nov 2015

On November 5 and 6, Enerdata attended the 7th JYD Annual Meeting at Wuhan, China. The theme of the two days event was the China Oil and Gas markets, with China opening up the import market to private players too. This latest Chinese Government move will amplify trade between Chinese companies and overseas companies and Enerdata is well positioned to support our customers and future customers that want to have an entry point into this new opportunities.

China plays a key role in the region and in April 2015 Enerdata, to be better equipped to support our clients with China related data and research, has established a strategic partnership with JYD Information, a leading Chinese Bulk Commodity Research and Consulting Company. Antonio Della Pelle, Managing Director of Enerdata Asia, on November 6, shared Enerdata’s insight on the global outlook of the Oil markets to an audience of about 800 people, with the majority of the attendees being representative of Chinese firms.

During the two days, Mr. Haixin Huang, CEO of JYD, and Antonio Della Pelle have had a strategic meeting where the two firms reiterated the strength of the partnership and agreed to work more closely in 2016. Between the strategic actions discussed were the inclusion of Enerdata information in JYD’s e-commerce platform, the creation of new joint information products, the development of consulting opportunities, support for Chinese private Oil & Gas Companies to do more with foreigner entities and planning of having JYD staff assigned to Enerdata Singapore Office to catalyze the partnership and joint developments.

If you would like to know how Enerdata can support your entry or positioning into the Chinese Energy Market please contact us

Antonio Della Pelle PresentationWith JYD CEO Mr. Haixin HUANG

France and China agree to checks on emissions-cutting compliance

2 Nov 2015

According to Cyril Cassisa, a project manager for the French energy consultant Enerdata who was recently working on climate issues for French foreign affairs in Beijing, Hollande's trip to China shows he is communicating with the Chinese.

Read the article Listen to the interview

Webinar: Carbon Markets to 2030

20 Oct 2015

Enerdata held the public webinar: Assessment of existing and future carbon markets and emission reductions.

More than 50 countries announced in their Intended National Determined Contributions (INDC) that they are planning to use market-based mechanisms. Market-based instruments like Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and carbon tax create a CO2 price. To be efficient in achieving the GHG reduction target, energy-economy models allow providing quantitative information on what would be the impacts of these instruments over time, on CO2 price and on the different sectors.

Cyril Cassisa

Presented case studies:

  • The European Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and ongoing reform (Market Stability Reserve, MSR)
  • The future Chinese ETS and its role in achieving its INDC by 2030


Dr. Cyril Cassisa is a senior expert on energy and climate policy analysis. He has 10-year experience between China and France in academic research and cooperation development. Cyril is a member of the high-level Sino-French expert group on climate change and participated to UNFCCC with the French Delegation from COP19 to COP21.


More information about MACCS Request webinar pdf presentation Listen to the recorded webinar version

Gas and LNG markets updates meeting - Singapore

8 Oct 2015

Abhishek Rohatgi from Enerdata participated as speaker to the event organised by IChemE's Oil and Natural Gas Special Interest Groups and Gas Association.

Topic 1 - North American crude oil, natural gas and LNG Markets and Impacts on Asian energy markets

Topic 2 - An update of the Asia-Pacific LNG market

Asia and Europe crossing paths on the way to COP21

29 Sep 2015

Conference on Energy Challenges and Climate Change

The conference entitled "Asia and Europe crossing paths on the way to COP21" took place on 29-30 September 2015 in Paris, France. The event  brought together distinguished representatives and speakers from academia, science, business, art, politics and media to discuss energy, environment and development-related issues that will be at the core of the COP21 international negotiations. In addition to the international negotiations on climate change, the conference sought to address the topics of renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate finance, emissions trading, climate regulation, private environmental governance as well as resource and risk management.

Co-organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the Asia Centre under the joint project Energy Challenges and Climate Change, this event contributed to the overall objective of examining global energy trends and identifying how developments in both Asia and Europe are impacting upon the global goal of securing a political agreement to address the challenges presented by climate change.

Energy Institute Singapore

23 Sep 2015

The EI opened a new branch in Singapore and the very first event will be on September 23 and Enerdata will be the very ever first speaker.

More information

The energy market trends

22 Sep 2015

Manfred Hafner and Pascal Charriau participated at Sciences Po alumni with the conference on Energy Trends in Paris.

The presentation was related with the EnerFuture: Energy Scenarios to 2040 publication.

Lessons on energy efficiency monitoring in buildings and transport - from national to local level - Workshop within the project Odyssee-Mure - Bruxelles

8 Sep 2015

In this workshop we presented the most recent results of our Odyssee-Mure project on energy efficiency indicators trends (Odyssee) and energy efficiency policies (Mure) covering the whole EU and each EU Member State.

We also debated on how these type of results obtained at national level can be useful for local stakeholders and to see if there is interest of regional or local stakeholders to implement such type of methodologies and tools.

The workshop was organized by ADEME on behalf of the Odyssee-Mure consortium, with the technical assistance of Enerdata and Fraunhofer ISI.

More information about Odyssee-Mure.

POWER-GEN Asia told region will be nuclear world leader

2 Sep 2015

Speaking in Bangkok, Antonio Della Pelle, managing director of Enerdata in Singapore, set that nuclear will increase more than 350 per cent on its current capacity by 2040, and more than half of the new builds will be in China.

More information

Workshop on low energy consumption buildings in Europe (In French)

26 Jun 2015


Enerdata, in partnership with ADEME, organised a workshop on low energy consumption buildings in Europe during which the first results of the project ZEBRA was presented. Several stakeholders (public and private bodies) participated, it led to an interesting discussion about the project strategy.

You can ask for additional information by sending an email with your contact information to Mrs Sebi. Next meeting will occur in spring 2016, do not hesitate to register!

Oil Market drilling down presentation

25 Jun 2015

On Thursday June 25, Enerdata have been invited by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), to share our thoughts on “Can We Survive in a Low Oil Prices Environment?”. SBF is the apex business chamber that champions the interests of the Singapore business community in trade, investment and industrial relations. It represents 21,500 companies, as well as key local and foreign business chambers, that contribute significantly to the Singapore economy. Established on 1 April 2002 by the SBF Act, all Singapore registered companies with a share capital of S$0.5 million and above are members of SBF. The event was attended by more than 100 people and the details can be found here.

Antonio Della Pelle, the Enerdata Singapore Managing Director, presented a detailed analysis of the current situation of the Oil Market drilling down to the main drivers and then going into the details of the Singaporean oil related industries. Antonio sat in the expert panel discussion that has been the apex of the event, with a strong and lively discussion from the Singapore business community during the Q & A session. If you would like to receive a copy of the presentation, please send us an email with your company email address, stating your name, job title and contact details to ensure you can receive the presentation safely delivered to your email address.

Enerdata introduces the first conclusions about the global energy balance in 2014

2 Jun 2015

Enerdata realises its 2015 global energy trends report and underlines 2014 as historical year in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Read the 2014 Global Energy Trends Publication

Energy Risk Workshop in Tokyo

26 May 2015

Enerdata delivered a full day Exclusive Enerdata Energy Seminar in Tokyo. The Seminar speakers were Antonio Della Pelle, Enerdata Singapore Managing Director and Hiroyuki Tatsumi, Jupiter Director, the Enerdata’s Japanese strategic partner.

During the day we had 24 people attending the seminar that has received top marks by our Japanese Clients. The topics discussed included Energy outlook up to 2040, Oil Market, LNG Market and Power and Gas Risk Analysis. The day has seen very interactive sessions with several questions and in depth discussions.

The attendees had also the exclusivity to be the very first people in the world to see the new latest product created by Enerdata called Power and Gas Risk Analysis Reports, based on the newly created Enerdata Risk Index. The attendees were impressed by the transparency and solidity of the Enerdata Risk Index methodology and impressed by the results of the benchmarking between countries by using the ERI index and its fundamentals.

Energy Speakers in Tokyo

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios

23 Apr 2015

Enerdata conducted several workshops in Europe to present its 2015 update of EnerFuture Energy Scenarios to 2040.

Enerdata’s Global Energy Forecasting team (represented by Yasmine Arsalane and Kimon Keramidas) just published the EnerFuture Energy Scenarios to 2040, which provides a comprehensive expert insight for strategic business planning and policy-making. The publication is based on findings from EnerFuture service and POLES model and covers key issues and trends in world energy demand and supply.

In order to share these results with key partners, several workshops have been organised in Paris, London, Rome (in partnership with WEC Italia), Madrid and Dusseldorf.

The key outputs of the publication are:

  • Without a stringent carbon policy, fossil fuels continue to be the main source of the global energy mix (70% to 80% for Renaissance and Balance scenarios), with gas significantly gaining market shares over oil and coal to reach 25% to 30% of the mix.
  • Oil price will increase on the long-term, reaching 148$/bbl in Balance (2040). Under weaker climate and carbon constraints (Renaissance), this price will be of about 112 $/bbl in 2040.
  • New energy trends will redefine global energy balances, with Asian volumes of energy imports strongly increasing (China net imports x5 between 2010 and 2040), whereas USA reach self-sufficiency.

Download the Understanding our Energy Future publication.

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios in Paris

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios in Paris

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios in Paris

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios in London

Presentation of Enerdata Energy Scenarios in London

Webinar: Energy Efficiency in Transport, Successes and Failures

14 Apr 2015

Clean Energy Solutions Center

Enerdata, in partnership with The Clean Energy Solutions Center, hosted a no-cost, webinar-based training on Energy Efficiency in Transport analysing the successes and failures.

Transport is widely recognized as one of the most difficult sectors for improving energy efficiency and slowing energy demand growth, as part of the problem goes beyond energy efficiency policy measures. Most G20 countries have focused so far on improving the energy efficiency of cars. While in many OECD countries transport energy demand has been decreasing, partly because of these measures and partly because of the economic downturn, in emerging countries transport energy demand is still growing rapidly, driven by the increase in traffic of goods and passengers and a modal shift to road transport.

The purpose of this webinar was to review the various policy measures implemented in the transport sector (such as minimum energy performance standards, labels and promotion of modal shifts) within the European Union and in G20 countries and to relate them to energy demand growth and energy efficiency improvements.

Download the presentation (upon registration)

What is happening in the Oil and Gas Industry and how we are affected by it - Singapore

18 Mar 2015

On March 18th, IChemE Singapore organised the evening talk “What is happening in the Oil and Gas Industry and how we are affected by it”. The talk was given by Antonio Della Pelle, Managing Director of Enerdata Pte Ltd and board member of IChemE Singapore. The event has seen more than 60 attendees that have learnt several facets of the oil Market and the dependence and linkages with other industries and sectors. The talk touched areas such as geopolitics, social awareness, currency exchange and defaulting in addition to more technical and engineering subjects. At the end of the talk there has been a very interactive Q&A session with more than 20 questions asked and overall the people left with a sense of being better informed and have wider understanding on what’s going on in the oil market and have an idea of what will be the future price of oil.

What is happening in the Oil and Gas Industry and how we are affected by it

Assessing the EU Commission's proposals for the new EU ETS directive by 2030

12 Mar 2015

Enerdata, in partnership with CDC Climat, is conducting a study devoted to one of the currently most discussed subjects, the EU Commission's proposals for the new EU ETS directive by 2030. The current progress of study of the French public-private initiative “COPEC” has been presented on 12th of March at the Partnership Market Readiness Assembly in London.

Given the current EU context and a need to (re)assess the EU ETS design by 2030, the objective of the research program is to prepare economic policy makers for the EU ETS directive revision. In the session held at the PMR in London by Enerdata and CDC Climat, advices have been provided on the two following subjects:

  • the interaction between the EU ETS, renewable and energy efficiency targets by 2030,
  • the extension of the EU ETS scope with the inclusion of road transport.

The presentation is available on our web site upon registration.

Download the presentation

LNG Market Outlook 2015 - Webinar by Enerdata

28 Jan 2015

Enerdata power and gas expert held the webinar on the important developments happened in the LNG market in 2014 and provided an insight on the LNG market outlook for 2015.

The presentation led attendees through the supply and demand situation in 2015 and also gave the forecast on the trend of the spot LNG prices. Important developments in the regional LNG and gas markets have also been discussed during the webinar.

Download Presentation about LNG Market Outlook

Speaker: Abhishek Rohatgi

Abhishek is the Enerdata Gas/LNG and Power Analyst. He is expert in economic analysis of the gas/LNG and electricity markets with focus on supply/demand fundamentals, infrastructure developments, trade flows and prices. He has also developed economy wide energy models for quantitative and policy analysis. He has been involved in various projects related to gas/LNG trade modelling of the Asia-Pacific Region, power markets modelling for Asian and European Countries and Energy economy modelling of Singapore. His recent projects where feasibility of an Asian Gas Hub and the assessment of the gas reforms in China and India and how they are affecting those markets.

Pascal Charriau, Enerdata's CEO, opened the Energy Forum in Poland

22 Jan 2015

Pascal Charriau has opened one of the most important energy conferences in Central Europe with a presentation of the current trends in EU Key energy indicators and EU 2030 objectives assessment.

Download the full presentation about energy current trends.

Enerdata opened the Energy Forum

Energy efficiency to boost building renovation Webinar

13 Jan 2015

Enerdata, in partnership with The Clean Energy Solutions Center hosted a no-cost, webinar-based training on Energy Efficiency Measures to Boost Building Renovation.

To improve the efficiency of existing building stock and reach national and EU targets, it is important to implement new and innovative support schemes - in particular to address the major barrier to thermal renovation: its initial investment. This webinar explored existing potential savings in building stock and present some innovative financial schemes.

Download the presentation

Enerdata was invited by the US Department of Commerce – Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) to the Workshop about Best Practices in Gas Market Regulation

12 Jan 2015

Enerdata, the Energy Research and Consulting firm, has been invited to an invitation-only US-Pakistan workshop on Best Practices in Gas Market Regulation held in Singapore from January 12 to January 15, 2015. The workshop has been organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce - Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP) and United States Embassy Islamabad in coordination with The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources of Pakistan, The Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, Sui Southern Gas Company and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited.

On day 3 of the workshop, Enerdata gave its view on the Asia gas market developments. Enerdata participation has been very much appreciated by the US-CLDP and Pakistan Government Officials. Enerdata Gas and Power Analyst, Abhishek Rohatgi, gave a talk on ‘Regional Gas Market Developments in Asia’. Enerdata gave opinions on the future gas market developments supported by our in-house data, in-house forecast model and practical industry experience. The topics discussed included the role of gas in the future Asian energy mix, regional gas market developments in Japan, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia and Asia Pacific LNG market.

The 3 days invitation-only workshop was attended by 3 senior executives from US – CLDP program, 6 senior officials from the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and 4 senior executives from Sui Southern Gas Company and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited.

Enerdata in the Workshop about Best Practices in Gas Market Regulation

Enerdata participated at the 2014 Policy Dialogue on Energy for Sustainable Development held on 26-28 November 2014 at Bangkok and organised by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

26 Nov 2014

Enerdata was the sole representative of the private sector, and Enerdata participation has been very much appreciated by the policy makers attendees. Enerdata have brought an unique point of view of the possible development of the Energy Policies in Asia and in the Pacific thanks to the wealth of in-house data, our in-house forecast model and the practical industry experience, in this specific case, of Enerdata Singapore Managing Director, Antonio Della Pelle, that has been able to share with the policy makers his personal experience in Energy projects executed in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

Our Managing Director sat in the Panel Discussion related to the “Energy Situation in Asia and the Pacific: Emerging and Persistent issues”. Other panellist where the director of the Russian Energy Agency, the director of the China Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, the Deputy Director of Secretariat of the Pacific Community, and the Director of Ministry of Industry, Mining and Energy, Cambodia. The 3 days dialogue was attended by Energy Policy makers of 19 countries representing Asia.

Enerdata participated at the 2014 Policy Dialogue on Energy for Sustainable Development

Enerdata participated in Asia Pacific Petroleum Conference with its Gas Trading Asia Workshop & Forum - APPEC

30 Sep 2014

Enerdata has been selected as an associate programme partner by APPEC. APPEC has run the conference since 1985 and the event attracts more than 2000 senior executives and professionals. Enerdata held a pre-conference workshop on Gas Trading on 30th of September, in Singapore.
The workshop served two crucial purposes: to analyse the global gas markets focusing on Asia and to explain the nature and the scope of uncertainties and drivers that impact gas prices.

The event introduced the topics of price volatility, short term and and long term uncertainty, market liberalisation and climate policies impacting the prices and major risks that need to be mitigated.

In addition, Enerdata Singapore Managing Director Antonio Della Pelle presented a paper at the plenary session titled “Natural Gas Trading Hub in Asia-Pacific” and took part in the expert panelists group.

Gas Trading Conference SingaporeEnerdata experts on global gas marketsAntonio della Pelle – Gas Tradding Conference

Enerdata, CEO ACAPMA & Director of FIA

Enerdata Singapore MD discussing about Oil related issues with the CEO of ACAPMA (Australian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association) and the Director of FIA (Fuel Importers Australia)

Enerdata organised the final ENTRANZE workshop in Paris (France) to present scenario results

19 Sep 2014

The workshop aimed to present and discuss the French policy set scenarios. Different types of building stakeholders participated to this meeting: national energy efficiency and environment agency, French ministry departments, experts on rehabilitation, building industries, energy utilities, university and research centres.

At this occasion Carine Sebi and Bruno Lapillonne presented the Entranze scenario results website developed by Enerdata.

Final ENTRANZE workshop

Nuclear Power and Its Impact on Asia – Singapore

18 Sep 2014

Enerdata Asia’s Managing Director, Antonio Della Pelle, conducted a 2 hours workshop titled “Nuclear power and its current use and future use in Asia”. He introduced a global picture on energy and future electricity prices in Asia and gave his opinion on enhancing understanding of the electricity market and nuclear portion of it. The workshop was followed by Q&A session and time for networking.

The event was organized by the Institution of Chemical Engineers in Singapore, of which Antonio Della Pelle is also board member.

Antonio Della Pella Nuclear Power Worshop Singapore

Enerdata participated in the “Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals” conference, organized by the British Institute of energy economists (BIEE)

17 Sep 2014

Enerdata, as a globally recognized expert in energy policies and carbon mitigation issues, was present at the “Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals” conference in the UK.
Nathalie Desbrosses, Head of Enerdata's Market Research Department, attended the conference and share her analysis of energy market trends in the EU policies, goals and paths to achievement.
The conference participants had the opportunity to talk in person with Enerdata experts during the breaks and discussions.

Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals Conference in OxfordNathalie Desbrosses in Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals ConferenceEnerdata Intuitive Interface in Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals Conference

Exclusive Enerdata Gas/LNG Workshop - Singapore

8 Jul 2014

Enerdata CEO, Pascal Charriau presented the world energy trends, based on the most recent 2013 data. The presentation was followed by an introduction to the new gas service and gas markets modelling. In the conclusion, the Managing director of Enerdata Singapore provided a comprehensive overview of ‘New’ Chinese LNG Demand - one of the most discussed topics in Asian energy world.

Enerdata presented the ENTRANZE datatools at the EUSEW in Brussels

26 Jun 2014

Teaming-up with policymakers for a future EU nZEB building stock
An ENTRANZE high-level policy conference

The intelligent design of integrated policy packages will be crucial to achieving ambitious energy and CO2 savings in the building sector.

The ENTRANZE project aims at stimulating the policy making process by providing evidence-based and tailored policy recommendations.

The project’s final conference will be held during the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

The event will look into how Member States can achieve a strong and fast penetration of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings as well as renewable heating and cooling within the existing building stocks. It will showcase innovative policy sets and implementation solutions for nZEB and RES-H/C carried out in an integrated, effective and efficient way.

The content of the conference allowed the audience to:

  • Understand the effectiveness of sound policy instruments in supporting deep renovation and RES-H/C uptake and their specific design;
  • Exchange solutions as well as ideas though interactive discussions with key stakeholders;
  • Learn from the experience of different Member States.

Enerdata presented the ENTRANZE datatoolsEnerdata presented the ENTRANZE datatoolsEnerdata presented the ENTRANZE datatools

Presentation of “Global Energy Trends 2013” by Enerdata in partnership with “WEC Germany” (Weltenergierat - Deutschland e.V.) – BDI, House of German Industry, Breite Straße 29, Berlin

16 Jun 2014

Enerdata presented its yearly published analysis on Global Energy Demand in Berlin, Germany.

The discussion was focused on energy demand and consumption trends in the G20 and BRICS countries throughout last years, including 2013 data.

The presentation was followed by the dialogue with Dr. Hans Wilhelm Schiffer, who presented his vision of energy markets dynamics.

Global Energy Trends Presentation Germany 2013 EnerdataBDI, House of German Industry

Enerdata held a press conference in Paris on its annual publication of Global Energy Trends

27 May 2014

Annually published, the research gives an overview of changes and trends of energy markets in 2013. The analysis is based on data of G20 countries that represent 80% of global energy demand.

Drawing conclusions from the 2013 data, the publication provides a comprehensive outlook on global energy market evolution.

Read the World Enegy Demand Publication

Global Energy Trends Presentation 2013 EnerdataNathalie Desbrosses Enerdata

Antonio Della Pelle, gave a morning talk at the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce about Nuclear Power and Its Impact on Asia

8 Apr 2014

On Tuesday 8th April, Antonio Della Pelle, Managing Director of ENERDATA PTE LTD gave a morning talk to the members of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce about Nuclear Power and its impact on Asia.

After the Fukushima accident the very idea of a nuclear renaissance has been turned upside down. Until recently, nuclear energy was still perceived by many as a reasonably affordable option to generate bulk electricity while increasing security of supply and mitigating climate change concerns. A defining moment for world energy markets, the Fukushima accident have initially lead to new projects being delayed and cancelled, existing plants decommissioned earlier than planned, and safety rules thoroughly reassessed.

As an initial consequence, the cost of existing and new nuclear power generation have risen and made nuclear relatively less competitive against gas, coal, or wind power; especially in liberalised electricity markets. However, few years have passed since and we are witnessing that many countries are still seriously considering nuclear as an acceptable option to diversify their mix, increase their energy security and free up oil and gas resources for exports. Few example to mention are the UK Hinkley Point C project that is causing a lot of debates between UK and EU commission, the newly Poland rectified Nuclear Power Program, the decision for South Korea to spend US$7bn to build new reactors and the Japan opposition party making a propaganda agenda based on a free-nuclear country and much more.

Definitely, there is a lot going on about Nuclear and the Enerdata gave a brief summary of the Global Nuclear Power Generation trends, high level view of the latest key countries’ energy policies and an update of the decommissioning and the new projects with particular focus to the South East Asia region and highlights about Singapore position about Nuclear.
Antonio Della Pelle, the Managing Director of Enerdata Singapore, said about the talk “ We, at Enerdata Pte Ltd, have made a mission to educate people on key energy related issues by bringing a 3600 views on the subjects. I really much enjoyed seeing the room full of people with diverse background joining our discussion about Nuclear because we are all involved in it from its many different aspects from Analysts to manufacturers, from bankers to lawyers and etc.”. He continued saying: “We made a commitment to SICC that we will bring another energy talk by the end of the year to add value to the Enerdata SICC membership participation”.

Nuclear Power Conference Enerdata Chamber of Commerce

Get more Asia Energy Information here and Energy Statistics by country.

If you are interested about our Nuclear Talk please email us

Enerdata, in partnership with the AIEE held a conference in Rome on Energy Scenarios to 2035

26 Feb 2014

The conference has been attended by more than 80 attendees from international energy companies, organisations and regulatory bodies.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this conference: organising committee, participants of the round table and our guests. It was a real success in terms of exposure and exchanges on the topic of Energy Scenarios to 2035.

If you would like to explore more about energy scenarios, modeling and forecasting, we are pleased to offer you:

Kimon Keramidas Enerfuture ConferenceEnergy Scenarios Enerdata ConferenceRome Conference attendees

Enerdata present at the 22nd World Energy Congress in Daegu, South Korea

13 Oct 2013

Our exhibition booth was visited by more than 200 professionals from the energy sector: thank you for making this international event a success!
It was a pleasure to be there, meet key people from global companies and discuss strategic energy issues with experts.

Enerdata in WEC 2013 in South KoreaEnerdata in WEC 2013 in South KoreaEnerdata in WEC 2013 in South Korea

Enerdata in WEC 2013 in South KoreaEnerdata in WEC 2013 in South Korea

Enerdata thanks attendees of the OSEA Conference & Exhibition

27 Nov 2012

Last week Enerdata joined the 1000+ exhibitors at the Offshore South East Asia Conference & Exhibition (OSEA 2012) in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, for another successful oil & gas industry event.

Enerdata would like to thank all the clients and newcomers for having visited Enerdata's stand and shown so much interest in our energy research services. Missed the event? We'll keep you up-to-date with our photos.

OSEA 2012 opening CeremonyOSEA 2012 in Singapore

Enerdata in OSEA 2012 ExhibitionEnerdata in OSEA 2012 Exhibition

Enerdata hosted a conference on energy demand modelling and CO2 policies

10 Oct 2012

Enerdata, with the support of EasyM Technology & Consulting, had the pleasure of hosting a conference for a set of exclusive energy industry specialists at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental at Seoul on the 10th of October 2012.

The conference was convened with the purpose to examine the monitoring of energy policies and efficiency measures for improved energy demand predictions. Structured in three sessions the conference respectively tackled the long-term view of the global energy market, the efficient monitoring of energy policies and efficiency measures, and finally, an energy toolbox of measures to fight against climate change.

The conference provided a real opportunity for very fruitful discussions not only during the presentation but also during the coffee break. We hope to give you a glimpse through a sample of photos taken.

EasyM speaks at Seoul ConferenceEasyM speaks at Seoul Conference

Enerdata participated in EU-US Summit on Science, Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Economic Growth in Washington

8 Oct 2012

Enerdata played a key role at the concluding meeting of the 2010-2012 dialogue between the EU and US on Science, Technology, Innovation, and Sustainable Economic Growth in Washington on the 11th of September 2012.

The conference brought together forty high-level policy-makers and researchers to examine how critical energy and environmental issues could be tackled through technological and educational investments.

Enerdata's President, Mr. Château, gave a presentation on the long-term low carbon future options which was well received. His presentation can be viewed on the European Commission's website.

Participants at EU-US summitEnerdata speaks at EU-US summitSpeaker panel from EU-US summit

Enerdata supports student team in humanitarian event

16 Feb 2012

As part of Enerdata's corporate social responsibility and global community involvement, Enerdata is taking action to raise awareness of the need to educate the youth on energy consumption and efficiency.

Under the motto "Energy. Knowledge. Future"Enerdata is supporting the participation of "Four Wings" team in the 15th edition of the rally "4L Trophy" which takes place between the 16th and 26th February 2012.

The team, Antoine Servin and Gregoire Lapillonne, will be participating for the first time in this European humanitarian, sport event that brings together more than 2000 students from all across the continent.

A project of Unicef and Morocco League for Child Protection, the 10-day rally is considered an initiative for sustainable development. From Paris to Marrakech, the participants travel 6000km on board of a Renault 4L to deliver approximately 80 tons of school supplies to children in Morocco. The event benefits of a wide media coverage and the support of business schools, NGOs and private companies.

As a data-driven, energy market research company, Enerdata's involvement in the 4L Trophy is motivated by the company's belief that only qualified education of the next generation will help our society move towards a more responsible use of resources and sustainable energy generation.

Enerdata supports humanitarian eventEnerdata supports humanitarian eventEnerdata supports humanitarian event

Enerdata exhibited at the Carbon Forum Asia in Singapore

2 Nov 2011

Enerdata held a conference and exhibited at the Carbon Forum Asia* event, November 2nd & 3rd, during the Singaporean International Energy Week. Our executive team met with many industry leaders at Asia Pacific's leading platform for the Carbon & Energy Market!

Leading experts in the energy field including executives and analysts attended the event and our stall to learn more about Enerdata's expertise in carbon reduction. The result was enriching for both Enerdata and attendees as we made our way to provide energy companies, equipment manufacturers, consulting firms, governmental bodies, academics, and research institutes with our know-how and industry expertise.

Carbon Forum AsiaCarbon Forum Asia

UK Department of Energy and Climate Change and Enerdata modelling conference in London

1 May 2011

The conference on Energy & Climate Scenarios for Sound Decision Making, jointly organized by UK Department of Energy and Climate Change along with Enerdata was held on May 25th 2011 in London and achieved tremendous success.

It garnered a lot of attention amongst the distinguished attendees consisting primarily of key executives and decision makers. This interactive session was enriched owing to the various backgrounds of the attendees ranging from Energy companies, equipment manufacturers, consulting firms to governmental bodies, academics.
We expect similar support and cooperation from you for our subsequent endeavours.

Enerdata strives to keep you updated with the latest in the Energy markets. Know more about:

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