Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence

Assess and evaluate the profitability of your new Projects and Ventures

Feasibility Studies

The Enerdata Energy Consulting Team has been involved in many feasibility and due diligence studies. Our team covers a large panel of topics including energy policy and regulation, market structure and size of the market, reviews and selection of the different available technologies, economic analysis and design of robust risk mitigation plans to ensure the profitability of our Clients’ new Projects and Ventures.



 Key Features

Why choose Enerdata to carry out feasibility studies:

  • Enerdata offers the needed methodology, in-house tools and expertise for a detailed and independent assessment.
  • Enerdata continuously updates 11 databases containing historical energy data and forecasts for 186 countries with more than 3 million data sets available. Enerdata owns the world's largest commercial energy database – a unique asset to understand the trends!
  • Enerdata uses and continuously develops three recognised energy models allowing detailed forecasts at the regional and country level for detailed types of energies, including price forecasts of all the energy commodities – key success factors to assess potential futures…
  • Enerdata Consultants have been involved in key projects in different sectors and regions in the world, and we leverage when required a network of specialists to tackle specific issues.

What Enerdata knows about OPEX and CAPEX:

  • Enerdata continuously analyses the supply & demand development of international energy markets in order to define accurate long-term price outlooks for the different types of energies. Energy prices are key drivers of operational costs in many industries.
  • Enerdata owns and maintains the Power Plant Tracker database containing detailed information on more than 25,000 power plants through the world including CAPEX (on a national and technological basis).
  • Enerdata has a view of the future evolution (learning curves) of capital costs and efficiencies of the main power generation technologies.
  • Enerdata owns and maintains the World LNG database containing key information on LNG Liquefaction and Regasification Terminals including CAPEX (on a national and technological basis).
  • Enerdata can rely on the insight of its partners which include the biggest international EPC companies that supply direct insiders’ information about OPEX and CAPEX when needed.

I need help in fund-raising for my CleanTech start-up company, what can Enerdata do in this area?

  • Enerdata has been supporting investors and companies in evaluating the real value of assets for acquisition, merger or fund-raising.
  • Enerdata’s independent recommendations are supported by in-depth coverage of market size valuations, market outlook studies, competition analysis, technical comparisons with existing products, identification of partners or potential target company buyers.

Enerdata has the experience to act as the commercial consultant for Energy Companies in need of buyer and new capital.



  • Market Study and Entry Market strategy for a Singapore based Clean Tech Company: The market study included the analysis of eleven Asian countries, the assessment of the existing barriers such as policy regulation, pricing, competitors’ profiles and technical factors. Enerdata was able to gather valuable primary research data through direct interviews with the main market players. As part of the project Enerdata designed the framework for the market entry strategy.
  • Feasibility Study for a Filipino mining company:  The client wanted to assess the best long-term strategy for supplying power to a specific mine. Enerdata assessed three major solutions namely, power grid purchase, in-situ diesel power generation and in-situ small scale LNG solution. The in-situ small scale LNG solution was preferred and Enerdata is currently further supporting the client in finalising long term LNG supply contract details, including index pricing formulae.
  • Power Gas Risk Analysis (PGRA): Enerdata has created a series of reports that assess the risk related to power and gas investment in selected countries. These standard reports can be classified as pre-feasibility studies that will immediately help identify the key sectors thanks to indicators where the biggest success or failure exist.
  • LNG Bunkering Feasibility Study: Enerdata was hired by a Korean Client to help complete an internal Feasibility Study about its LNG Bunkering business.  Enerdata carried out a market and technical review as part of the feasibility study.
  • Due Diligence for an Australian Fund that wanted to buy a European Oil Terminal: The scope of the project covered the current and future Oil Products market developments (supply, demand and pricing) in order to define the cash flow for the next 25 years. Enerdata Energy Consulting Team also identified all the main existing key risks, both operational and commercial.