Design and interpret energy forecasts: initiation to modelling

Energy ModellingNew energy forecasts come day after day, but numbers diverge, and assumptions made by forecasting institutes often contradict each other…
What do these discrepancies mean at such a critical time when energy issues inflate greatly and the need for visibility becomes essential? Should one design its own forecasting model? And how? Enerdata offers its recognised knowledge and experience as a leader in the energy modelling and forecasting to your service.






After completing the training session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between models and methodologies
  • Master the basic energy modelling concepts
  • Assess the role of the main drivers and parameters of modelling
  • Interpret forecasts correctly


Who will benefit


This session is intended for professionals who work with energy forecasts or who will need to develop energy models.




A good understanding of economics and the energy sector is recommended.


Teaching method


The seminar will be led by recognised experts in the field of energy modelling and forecasting. The sessions will rely on case studies and interaction among the participants, and it will also include other quality support materials.


Training content


Session 1 - Basics concepts and modelling issues
Session 2 - A hybrid modelling approach
Session 3 - Basics of techno-economic models
Session 4 - Scenario building