Custom Solutions

Forecasting Models

Benefit from proven models to draw your own energy scenarios and anticipate tomorrow’s challenges

Forecasting ModelsInterested in the future of energy markets?

Enerdata leverages its expertise in energy forecasting, in-house databases and proprietary energy models as benchmarks to provide unique, comprehensive and robust models tailored to meet your needs.


Enerdata’s custom models offer a wide range of options


  • Processed by Enerdata (delivery of custom scenario outputs)
  • Handed-out to the client


  • Bottom-up
  • Top-down
  • Econometric

Geographic coverage:

  • Global
  • Regional
  • Local

Time coverage:

  • Mid- to long-term

A variety of models providing powerful insight on the future of energy systems

POLES model - EnerMED model - EnerNEO model - AERO - Carbon Market Tool - EVALUATE model

Global supply and demand forecasting model used to generate bespoke scenarios for key energy players worldwide.

POLES model preview


This bottom-up model is the latest development of the MEDEE family. It provides long-term projections of energy demand by end-use and underlying drivers.

EnerMED preview


A comprehensive Excel-based simulation model for energy demand, power supply and end-user prices.

National Energy Outlook Preview


  • CMT (Carbon Market Tool)

    Simulation model for carbon market analysis worldwide. Multiple market design options, permit trading and carbon price calculation.

    Carbon Market Tool Preview