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Enerdata Information Services Suite

Your Single Platform for Global Energy & Climate expertise

Leveraging our globally recognised databases, models, market intelligence tools and over 30 years of energy expertise, Enerdata has developed a full suite of energy information services to feed your analysis and data management system.

The Enerdata online portal offers 24/7 access to comprehensive and up-to-date global energy information, expert analysis as well as robust and exclusive forecasts to business developers, economists, strategists, analysts and researchers alike.


Information service suite

Our full Information Services Suite covers every aspect of energy and climate, so that you can get a well-rounded answer to any question using the following tools:

  • Country reports
  • In-depth analyses
  • Diligent market intelligence with customisable tools
  • Online databases with proprietary and user-friendly interfaces
  • Independent in-house forecasts
  • Experts available to respond to any question

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Benefits of the Enerdata ISS:

  • Access over 400 first-class statistical sources in a single interface covering up to 186 countries
  • Utilise our exclusive benchmarks of official data, including exclusive outputs from the globally recognised POLES and MedPro Forecasting Models
  • Simplified research thanks to harmonised data and units throughout the service
  • Premium support from Enerdata analysts
  • Multiple delivery options:
    - 24/7 online access
    - Excel/PDF exports
    - Data push in .csv format*
    - API**


Our Fields of Expertise Include:

Global Energy Markets

Data Management and Forecasting

Energy Efficiency & Demand

Global Energy Transition

and Energy Infrastructures.

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Energy Research

110+ insightful and comprehensive country reports covering policy/regulatory, market structure, players, supply and demand, prices, infrastructure and prospects. Includes visual graphs and easy-to-read tables. Easy country benchmark, content search engine and custom report generation.

Customisable newsfeed carefully elaborated and verified by Enerdata analysts. Leverages premium global and local information sources on energy and climate topics.

Energy Data & Forecasts

Up to 300 time series (or data series) by country on oil, natural gas, biofuel, coal and power markets for over 40 OECD and non-OECD countries. Updated every month with the latest available data from premium sources. Provides statistics from premium sources on production, import, export, consumption and prices.

Ready-to-use Information Service offering robust electricity market price forecasts and analysis. European Power Markets Outlook provides the full picture on the power sector at the national level, including main market drivers, and draws detailed market price projections to 2050.

The most comprehensive annual energy database (up to 2000 data series by country for 186 countries). Continuously updated: the first to release consolidated statistics each year. 

Long-term, country-level forecasts to 2050 for demand, prices, power generation and GHG emissions by sector for all energies and power-mix forecasts. Four exclusive scenario projections from the globally recognised POLES model. 65+ countries and aggregates covered.

Database covering the main hydrogen manufacturers, with specific details on each of them: ID card, technologies, subsystems & systems and more. Provides a deep understanding of the worldwide supply chain of H2 technology providers, and their related figures.

Marginal Abatement Cost Curves enables to assess GHG emissions mitigations pools, from the globally recognised POLES model. Detailed projections across economic sectors (industry, buildings, transport, residential-services, energy, power) and subsectors (steel, non-metallic minerals, chemistry, households, tertiary, agriculture, road and air transport).

Enerdata's new service Power Price Projections provides annual wholesale price projections backed by the energy modelling expertise of Enerdata and its globally recognised POLES model. A strategic tool for energy investors and developers to estimate long-term returns on energy investments.

Energy Efficiency & Demand

This innovative service is dedicated to future energy consumption by sector, drilling down to end uses and industrial branches. Enerdata’s Country Energy Demand Forecast offers a powerful modelling platform that is delivered on a simple web interface.

EnerDemand provides a unique selection of data to monitor energy efficiency trends and access detailed information for the world’s most energy-consuming countries.

The 20-year-old project Odyssee is supported by the European Commission and coordinated by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME). This database contains energy consumption drivers, efficiency and CO2 related indicators by sector from 1990 until 2018 for the 27 EU members plus Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Enerdata manages the online database providing easy-to-use data query software that permits advanced analysis.

Energy Infrastructure

Our new Capital Expenditure and Levelised Costs of Electricity module leverages data from premium sources, enabling users to research investment opportunities and benchmark their projects.

This powerful intelligence tool allows you to screen, monitor and analyse power generation asset development. Power Plant Tracker gives you an in-depth understanding of the future of the power generation mix, so you can assess the industry drivers and identify companies’ asset portfolios.

Enerdata’s RES auctions monitor is a very detailed, regularly updated database showcasing past and current auctions on a global level.

The LNG database gives detailed and up-to-date information of liquefaction, regasification facilities and LNG carriers for North and South America, Asia or EMEA. Reports identify key gas companies through their shareholdings in processing plants, highlight major projects in new gas producing and importing countries and project future LNG market developments by LNG zone, location, facility name and type.

This database is dedicated to both operational and planned refinery units around the world. It is an indispensable tool used to assess current and future production capacities of refined oil products by country and region.