Enerdata Consulting

Your trusted independent consultancy for global energy studies


Enerdata’s energy consulting team’s vision and mission is to leverage in-house databases, research, global forecasting models and expertise to advise governments and private companies in strategic issues related to the energy world. Typical assignments include corporate energy and energy market strategies as well as feasibility, market and due diligence studies.


  • Our assets

Globally recognized databases and models, continuously developed and enhanced through market and client requirements, research programs and in-house R&D.


  • Our people

Senior energy experts, with solid business and academic backgrounds, constantly interacting with the market, our clients and energy research networks all across the globe. A dedicated and international team of experienced energy analysts, economists and modelling specialists. For field insight: a global network of associate consultants in emerging and developed countries.


  • Our approach

Trusted knowledge of market, economic and energy-related business issues. Independent view.  Deep understanding of your needs and challenges. Collaborative work and flexibility. Reliability and client loyalty.


  • Our clients

Global and local energy companies, government bodies, international and national development agencies and banks, intergovernmental and company organisations.


  • Consulting fields


Market Analysis

Market Analysis

  • Multi-disciplinary energy studies.
  • Energy market studies and strategies for companies and governments.
  • Detailed analysis of energy demand and supply for all energy sources and sectors.
  • Analysis of energy supply options including technical, financial, geopolitical and other relevant elements.
  • Elaboration of energy feasibility studies.
  • Due diligence studies.


Energy scenarios

Energy scenarios

  • Global, regional and national energy scenarios based on qualitative and quantitative approaches, for policy making and business/strategic planning.
  • Independent benchmark of institutions’ scenarios and clients’ own scenarios.
  • Incorporation of clients’ own assumptions and data.


Climate Strategy and Policy Evaluation

Climate Strategy and Policy Evaluation

  • Analysis of national GHG strategies, definition of concrete implementation measures and the impact quantification of these strategies.
  • Definition of GHG emission objectives and configuration of carbon markets.
  • Evaluation and strategic analysis of energy demand and efficiency as well as its impacts on CO2 emissions.
  • Detailed simulation of carbon markets (local and global), energy and CO2 prices.
  • Support to governments for energy transition and climate negotiations.