About Us

Our History

For over 30 years, we help you shape the energy transition.


30th Anniversary

2021 - In 2021, we celebrated 30 years of research and development in global energy markets. Since then, we have been an energy transition expert by analysing and forecasting the energy and climate issues. Leveraging our globally recognised databases, intelligence systems and models, we assist our clients in designing their policies, pathways to decarbonisation, strategies, and business plans.

COP 21

2016 - Enerdata’s team of analysts create new EnerFuture scenarios based on the INDCs analysis.

Global Energy Trends

2016 - Enerdata celebrates the 20th anniversary of its annual “Global Energy Trends” publication.

Logo Enerdata

2015 - Enerdata designs a new corporate logo and adapts its graphic chart.


2014 - With strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region, Enerdata launches a subsidiary branch in Singapore.

International network

2000's - The independent organization continues to invest and develop its expertise with an international network of clients and partners.

Pascal Charriau

2013 - Management transition – Pascal Charriau becomes Enerdata’s President.

Climate policies - POLES

2010 - Integration of the POLES model and development of expertise on global climate and energy issues.

Research services

2000 - Launch of Enerdata’s suite of research services.

European Commission

1990's - Enerdata’s energy experts begin analysing energy efficiency policies in France and all research and development programs within the European Commission.

Incorporation of Enerdata SAS

1991 - Incorporation of Enerdata SAS as a spin-off from the CNRS Research Centre, run by Bertrand Chateau and Bruno Lapillonne.

1985 - Creation of Enerdata

1985 - Creation of Enerdata’s in-house database and suite of MEDEE models in order to gather reliable data on all energies across the globe.