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World Refinery Database

Monitor New and Existing Refineries Globally

World Refinery Database

Enerdata’s World Refineries Database provides detailed information on refinery units and their developments worldwide, thus enabling you to perform in-depth analysis on the development of infrastructure in the refining industry.

This is a very useful tool to assess the current and future production capacities of refined oil products by country and zone, offering information on almost 1 500 refinery units worldwide (97% of global refining capacity). With the World Refineries Database, you can easily identify companies’ asset portfolios, giving you the ultimate edge in decision-making.

Which countries are developing their refining activity? What are the most active investors by country? What is the cumulated refining capacity of a company/country?


Why Subscribe?

  • Access a clear and well-structured Excel database
  • Browse by country, operator and project status
  • Identify the most active operators by country
  • Assess country dynamics regarding refinery capacity and investment
  • Benefit from quality and up-to-date information provided by experienced energy analysts


Key Features


  • Continuous identification of new refinery units and extension of those already existing
  • Continuous project follow-up: planned, under development, under construction, testing, commissioned, stopped and cancelled
  • Quarterly database updates
  • Data export in .csv format to integrate your own databases and models
  • New capacities roll-out by country, technology and company
  • Detailed data by refinery:
    • Location (country/city)
    • Refinery name
    • Status (planned, approved, bid process, under construction, operational, mothballed, stopped etc.)
    • Date of commissioning/decommissioning
    • Crude atmospheric distillations (bbl./d)
    • Investment (US$m)
    • Ownership



World Refinery Database Excel


One-time export

Our database is available as a continuous updated source through our online interface or as a one-time Excel export. Download the regional dataset of your choice from our webshop:


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